08 August, 2012

Hello !!!!!!! Hows the summer holidays going Ive just been chilling out and going on my bike.Allthough my dog Megan is not very well she has 7 tumas on her liver and could die in the next four weeks,she is very old.We took her to the vet for an ultrasound scan all day yesterday and when we picked her up from the vets she was excited to be coming home but then she started grumbling.She is not in any pain and still playing with her ball.My mum said we can't get another dog.My dad is coming down this Sunday and cant wait ! Then the week after that my mums friends is coming down from Cyprus.What have you been doing over the summer Hols ?

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  1. Well done we liked it all.

    Remeber not Ive but I've.
    Please change the couler like white because it started to heart my eyes a lot.