29 September, 2012

Moving on! :(

Hillside has been a brilliant Primary school, in some ways it has helped me through my life. I have had ups and downs there! Hillside gave me opputunitiies to do tyhings, without Hillside Primary I wouldn't be the same person. I am greatful that Hillside has done all of this for me, I wont forget any of it. When you say "I'll miss you HIllside" no one really understands how much!
The teacher at Hillside have been great, they've helped all through my time at Hillside, even through the toughest. When I first joined Hillside in about yr2/3 I was a little girl who didn't know what to do with herself. But know I have listened to the staff and their advice, i am now and mature, grownup girl ready for High Schoool. Hillside holds so many memories- good and bad. But I won't forget ANY of them! I will miss EVERYONE and EVERYTHING at Hillside. Even picking my sister up from a After-School club makes me emotinal. Hillside has been  a great school ,it's opened my eyes. But now its time to move on. Everyone and everything at Hillside will still remain prescious. There will always be room for you n by heart, even if it's tiny! If I forget in my mind, you'll always be in my Heart and Soul!

Lynn Grove!
I'm enjoying Lynn Grove so far its really different and massive! I didn't need to spend my Summer Holidays worrying because Lynn Grove is really fun. It  has plently of opputunitities to reach my dreams

BYe Hillside
Hello Lynn Grove!
:) xxxxx

28 September, 2012

Lynn Grove

On our last day it was so sad but I am finally getting used to high school. I still see all my friends (even the ones on the opposite side of the school) but only at break and lunch. The school is massive but I haven't got lost yet. I wish good luck to all the new year 6 Hillsiders and although we are not there, Hillside still remains in our hearts.

Emily P xxx

09 September, 2012

Lynn grove

Hi everyone! This is Charlotte as a new Lynn grove pupil. OMG!
Lynn grove is soooooooooo cool. In a way it's quite scary being around all these big people. When I went to the toilet by my form room, I saw these older year girl standing there looking at me so I went in the toilet that was as far away from them as possible. When I was in there I heard loads of year 10/11s come in. I thought to myself  "I've got to get out of here but I can't without them seeing me. Oh no!" I breathed in and unlocked the door and the whole room was filled with older girls. I wanted to run back into my toilet until they had gone but instead I just went to the sink to wash my hands. That wasn't too bad but I still had to dry my hands. I stood by this girl who was leaning on the dryer so I had to say excuse me. She gave me a funny look and moved. I heard her say something to her mate which made me feel like I was being watched.

                    How embarrassing!

08 September, 2012

Lynn grove

Lynn grove os a great school but at the minute it os s bit boring as all we are doing is admin and surprisingly i havent got lost yet 👍

12 August, 2012


I am now currently in Wales I am having a great time I have been on the go-karts like 25 times now and I had a lucky day today because i was against loads of adults and I won!

What have you all been doing in the summer hols =]

08 August, 2012

Hello !!!!!!! Hows the summer holidays going Ive just been chilling out and going on my bike.Allthough my dog Megan is not very well she has 7 tumas on her liver and could die in the next four weeks,she is very old.We took her to the vet for an ultrasound scan all day yesterday and when we picked her up from the vets she was excited to be coming home but then she started grumbling.She is not in any pain and still playing with her ball.My mum said we can't get another dog.My dad is coming down this Sunday and cant wait ! Then the week after that my mums friends is coming down from Cyprus.What have you been doing over the summer Hols ?

30 July, 2012

Alton Towers!

Alton Towers!

I went on a 5 day holiday to Derbyshire/ Liverpool. Well, we went to Derby then after 2 days went to Liverpool! On Wednesday, the day after we arrived at Derby, we went to Alton Towers. Because my auntie ,  uncle and two cousins live in London I don't see them much so it was a surprise to see them there! My mum had been planning it with them for a while!I'll tell you about a few rides I went on.........

This was the first ride we decided to go on as the queue time was 5 mins. I went on it with my two sisters, my brother and my auntie. We were going up and up until we stopped. We were panicking as we were half way up the slope that goes up and we didn't know whether we were stuck or not. "There seems to be a problem with oblivion. There seems to be a problem with oblivion." announced a lady over the park. It didn't help that me and my auntie were bursting for a wee! On the weather forecast it said it was going to rain as well so my sister was saying " Great, to top this all off it's probably gonna start raining in our faces!" Only five minutes passed before we stopped screaming as it was working again. We went to the top round a corner and there it was, the drop. We went to the top of where it was about to drop and we hung at the top for a few seconds before dropping in a dark, steamy cave! We were in pitch black darkness and the cart was still going fast underground in the cave. When we came out in the light everyone had little water droplets on their face, arms and legs, really everywhere their skin was showing! It was really fun!

I was a bit anxious about  going on this ride because the one at Thorpe Park was apparently REALLY scary  and they were similar to each other. Me and the people I was with on oblivion went in this room where we watched a video clip. It was about a creature, that looked like a giant crab, attacking a thingy (can't remember what it was maybe a ride or something) and it laid some eggs underground. In the room we were about to go in apparently we had to examine the egg that some cavers found. I walked shakily with my heart pounding into this room. Me and my 18 year old sister were relieved to find it was a ride, I don't know why it was relieving but... it just was really! My sister spotted some tubes under our chairs the same as ones we saw in ice age 4d experience- they whip your legs! So there me & her were sitting there with our legs stuck out because we didn't want to be whipped! Suddenly the lights went out and everyone screamed. We dropped onto another floor with loads of other cracked eggs quite fast, but it was so unexpected! The lights went on and and the egg was cracked in half and the creature inside had escaped......... I was scared and tense! I felt the whipping on my legs anyway and they were quite high up. I tried pushing them higher and because my legs were right up my back was pushing in the the back of the chair. Unexpectedly, I felt something go in my back and it felt like a claw!!! I let out a huge shriek but it didn't sound very loud with everyone else screaming too! I was terrified because I thought some model monster would pop up and scare the living daylight out of me!! A voice sounded and said "You have 5 seconds to get in the elevator. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Doors closing."  While she was saying that a group of guards came out and were rushing us towards the lift. We shoved my brother Alex to the front because he was a teenage boy and quite frankly we were too scared! The room we were in was made to look like an elevator and it was surrounded in red lights that flashed. The room started to shake as if we were in a real elevator! I was hugging my eldest sister, firmly. I berried my head in her hoodie and shut my eyes tightly whilst my 13 year old sister was screaming repeatedly sort of like "AH!AH!AH!AH!AH!AH!AH!" We were laughing at her a bit! The doors opened and men with torches led us towards a maze part. Again we shoved Alex (my brother) through the maze in front of us. There we these big plastic flaps that were like gates but you need to push them forward and walk through. However, when you push them to walk through they will flop in the person behind you's face so with Alex in front and others behind him I had them flap in my face. I was terrified as it was and I was as you might expect even scared of the flaps! We saw the exit and ran towards it. As the guards were leading us out, just when I stooped screaming, I screamed because I realised that the guards had had scars and cuts painted on their faces. I thought they were real cuts and scars:\! Finally we were out and it was a new experience I won't be forgetting soon!

I wasn't anxious about this one because the height restriction was 1.2 m so I thought it couldn't of been that scary. My 7 year old cousin thought  he wasn't allowed on it so he was thrilled to find out he was! We walked up to the queue and it said e'd have to wait 45 minutes but we thought we may aswell go in it! We waited about 15 minutes before we reached a building. We went inside and looked round. On the walls, written in chalk very roughly, it said "If you go down to the woods today, you better not go alone!" Scary right? In the background we heard a scary voice counting up. "1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10...12...13.." BOOM! A big glass bulb in a cage let out huge streaks of purple light made to look like lightning! Me, my 13 year old sister, my auntie, uncle and of course my cousin jumped out of our skin. Everything was so sudden. I knew something would happen at 13 because that was the ride's name but I didn't know what would go on. We edged towards the ride and queued up in two twos and a one. Uncle Jacko was the one, poor him:(! I went with my sister Erin into the cart. The ride itself wasn't going very fast and it wasn't particularly scary! It was a bit like snake in the grass/rattlesnake at pleasurewood hills if you are familiar with it? But then we entered a tunnel/cave sort of thing. There were little lights everywhere and two dummies in black capes holding plastic axes. There was also a black curtain. I was scared all of a sudden. What was on the other side of this curtain? Was it going to be terrifying? What was going- before I had time to think more about things we dropped. Onto a whole other floor. In the pitch black tunnel we started going backwards. It was so much fun and not really scary after we dropped. Another great ride had been checked off my list of rides I wanted to go on!

Me and Erin went on this one as Siobhan (sis) and Alex(bro) couldn't be bothered to go on to. We queued up for about ten minutes and  then reached where we had to get in the cart. I stumbled onto the platform and  sat in the seat. We pulled our safety bars down and waited. We then got lifted. That's right, lifted. You know the corner of a square it's like that, one minute you vertical, and the next your horizontal with your arms and legs dangling downwards. Whoosh, off we went. It was supposed to be a feeling of flying and you know what? It was, just gliding through the air like a bird. I couldn't stop laughing/doing an excited scream! it was so much fun. At first I was nervous but on the ride it was sooo fun!

Nemesis, Sonic Spinball, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Ride, Swinging Chairs, Ice Age 4D Experience, Squirrel Nutty, Duel and Congo River Rapids! I wanted to go on Rita but it was closed! :(

By Cerys!