09 September, 2012

Lynn grove

Hi everyone! This is Charlotte as a new Lynn grove pupil. OMG!
Lynn grove is soooooooooo cool. In a way it's quite scary being around all these big people. When I went to the toilet by my form room, I saw these older year girl standing there looking at me so I went in the toilet that was as far away from them as possible. When I was in there I heard loads of year 10/11s come in. I thought to myself  "I've got to get out of here but I can't without them seeing me. Oh no!" I breathed in and unlocked the door and the whole room was filled with older girls. I wanted to run back into my toilet until they had gone but instead I just went to the sink to wash my hands. That wasn't too bad but I still had to dry my hands. I stood by this girl who was leaning on the dryer so I had to say excuse me. She gave me a funny look and moved. I heard her say something to her mate which made me feel like I was being watched.

                    How embarrassing!


  1. Oh dear! I'm sure it wasn't as bad as you think Charlotte! Great to hear your stories, hope you are all having a great time and settling in well.

  2. Glad you survived that incident. Sounds like a great opening to a story to be continued!

  3. Hi its Caitlin me and charlotte are in the same form at Lynn Grove and it is really cool. I miss Hillside and still dont know how too properly blog yet but i will find out!!

  4. ikr! I am stil looking for a way to post a blog myself. See you all tommorrow

  5. It was very good.
    Good please can you add a bit more adjectives.
    Keep on blogging!!!