29 September, 2012

Moving on! :(

Hillside has been a brilliant Primary school, in some ways it has helped me through my life. I have had ups and downs there! Hillside gave me opputunitiies to do tyhings, without Hillside Primary I wouldn't be the same person. I am greatful that Hillside has done all of this for me, I wont forget any of it. When you say "I'll miss you HIllside" no one really understands how much!
The teacher at Hillside have been great, they've helped all through my time at Hillside, even through the toughest. When I first joined Hillside in about yr2/3 I was a little girl who didn't know what to do with herself. But know I have listened to the staff and their advice, i am now and mature, grownup girl ready for High Schoool. Hillside holds so many memories- good and bad. But I won't forget ANY of them! I will miss EVERYONE and EVERYTHING at Hillside. Even picking my sister up from a After-School club makes me emotinal. Hillside has been  a great school ,it's opened my eyes. But now its time to move on. Everyone and everything at Hillside will still remain prescious. There will always be room for you n by heart, even if it's tiny! If I forget in my mind, you'll always be in my Heart and Soul!

Lynn Grove!
I'm enjoying Lynn Grove so far its really different and massive! I didn't need to spend my Summer Holidays worrying because Lynn Grove is really fun. It  has plently of opputunitities to reach my dreams

BYe Hillside
Hello Lynn Grove!
:) xxxxx


  1. What a beautiful sentiment Isobel. I know that all the teachers have enjoyed teaching you and we are happy that Lynn Grove is everything you hoped!

  2. Very good Isobel but could of bin better