30 July, 2012

Alton Towers!

Alton Towers!

I went on a 5 day holiday to Derbyshire/ Liverpool. Well, we went to Derby then after 2 days went to Liverpool! On Wednesday, the day after we arrived at Derby, we went to Alton Towers. Because my auntie ,  uncle and two cousins live in London I don't see them much so it was a surprise to see them there! My mum had been planning it with them for a while!I'll tell you about a few rides I went on.........

This was the first ride we decided to go on as the queue time was 5 mins. I went on it with my two sisters, my brother and my auntie. We were going up and up until we stopped. We were panicking as we were half way up the slope that goes up and we didn't know whether we were stuck or not. "There seems to be a problem with oblivion. There seems to be a problem with oblivion." announced a lady over the park. It didn't help that me and my auntie were bursting for a wee! On the weather forecast it said it was going to rain as well so my sister was saying " Great, to top this all off it's probably gonna start raining in our faces!" Only five minutes passed before we stopped screaming as it was working again. We went to the top round a corner and there it was, the drop. We went to the top of where it was about to drop and we hung at the top for a few seconds before dropping in a dark, steamy cave! We were in pitch black darkness and the cart was still going fast underground in the cave. When we came out in the light everyone had little water droplets on their face, arms and legs, really everywhere their skin was showing! It was really fun!

I was a bit anxious about  going on this ride because the one at Thorpe Park was apparently REALLY scary  and they were similar to each other. Me and the people I was with on oblivion went in this room where we watched a video clip. It was about a creature, that looked like a giant crab, attacking a thingy (can't remember what it was maybe a ride or something) and it laid some eggs underground. In the room we were about to go in apparently we had to examine the egg that some cavers found. I walked shakily with my heart pounding into this room. Me and my 18 year old sister were relieved to find it was a ride, I don't know why it was relieving but... it just was really! My sister spotted some tubes under our chairs the same as ones we saw in ice age 4d experience- they whip your legs! So there me & her were sitting there with our legs stuck out because we didn't want to be whipped! Suddenly the lights went out and everyone screamed. We dropped onto another floor with loads of other cracked eggs quite fast, but it was so unexpected! The lights went on and and the egg was cracked in half and the creature inside had escaped......... I was scared and tense! I felt the whipping on my legs anyway and they were quite high up. I tried pushing them higher and because my legs were right up my back was pushing in the the back of the chair. Unexpectedly, I felt something go in my back and it felt like a claw!!! I let out a huge shriek but it didn't sound very loud with everyone else screaming too! I was terrified because I thought some model monster would pop up and scare the living daylight out of me!! A voice sounded and said "You have 5 seconds to get in the elevator. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Doors closing."  While she was saying that a group of guards came out and were rushing us towards the lift. We shoved my brother Alex to the front because he was a teenage boy and quite frankly we were too scared! The room we were in was made to look like an elevator and it was surrounded in red lights that flashed. The room started to shake as if we were in a real elevator! I was hugging my eldest sister, firmly. I berried my head in her hoodie and shut my eyes tightly whilst my 13 year old sister was screaming repeatedly sort of like "AH!AH!AH!AH!AH!AH!AH!" We were laughing at her a bit! The doors opened and men with torches led us towards a maze part. Again we shoved Alex (my brother) through the maze in front of us. There we these big plastic flaps that were like gates but you need to push them forward and walk through. However, when you push them to walk through they will flop in the person behind you's face so with Alex in front and others behind him I had them flap in my face. I was terrified as it was and I was as you might expect even scared of the flaps! We saw the exit and ran towards it. As the guards were leading us out, just when I stooped screaming, I screamed because I realised that the guards had had scars and cuts painted on their faces. I thought they were real cuts and scars:\! Finally we were out and it was a new experience I won't be forgetting soon!

I wasn't anxious about this one because the height restriction was 1.2 m so I thought it couldn't of been that scary. My 7 year old cousin thought  he wasn't allowed on it so he was thrilled to find out he was! We walked up to the queue and it said e'd have to wait 45 minutes but we thought we may aswell go in it! We waited about 15 minutes before we reached a building. We went inside and looked round. On the walls, written in chalk very roughly, it said "If you go down to the woods today, you better not go alone!" Scary right? In the background we heard a scary voice counting up. "1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10...12...13.." BOOM! A big glass bulb in a cage let out huge streaks of purple light made to look like lightning! Me, my 13 year old sister, my auntie, uncle and of course my cousin jumped out of our skin. Everything was so sudden. I knew something would happen at 13 because that was the ride's name but I didn't know what would go on. We edged towards the ride and queued up in two twos and a one. Uncle Jacko was the one, poor him:(! I went with my sister Erin into the cart. The ride itself wasn't going very fast and it wasn't particularly scary! It was a bit like snake in the grass/rattlesnake at pleasurewood hills if you are familiar with it? But then we entered a tunnel/cave sort of thing. There were little lights everywhere and two dummies in black capes holding plastic axes. There was also a black curtain. I was scared all of a sudden. What was on the other side of this curtain? Was it going to be terrifying? What was going- before I had time to think more about things we dropped. Onto a whole other floor. In the pitch black tunnel we started going backwards. It was so much fun and not really scary after we dropped. Another great ride had been checked off my list of rides I wanted to go on!

Me and Erin went on this one as Siobhan (sis) and Alex(bro) couldn't be bothered to go on to. We queued up for about ten minutes and  then reached where we had to get in the cart. I stumbled onto the platform and  sat in the seat. We pulled our safety bars down and waited. We then got lifted. That's right, lifted. You know the corner of a square it's like that, one minute you vertical, and the next your horizontal with your arms and legs dangling downwards. Whoosh, off we went. It was supposed to be a feeling of flying and you know what? It was, just gliding through the air like a bird. I couldn't stop laughing/doing an excited scream! it was so much fun. At first I was nervous but on the ride it was sooo fun!

Nemesis, Sonic Spinball, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Ride, Swinging Chairs, Ice Age 4D Experience, Squirrel Nutty, Duel and Congo River Rapids! I wanted to go on Rita but it was closed! :(

By Cerys!

24 July, 2012


Hillside has been the best ever place in the whole world for nine big years ,
I will never forget a single memory about Hillside.
As well as that i will never forget a single person or a member of staff (i hope!!!!!)
I hope you all have a good hol and I look forward to seeeing most of you in september!

Mr Loome i will never forget you, you have been an amazing teacher and i will miss you the most !!

P.S    Let  me know what you are all up too over the holidays 

Morgan x

23 July, 2012

The Blog

I don't often blog but I have just nociced that we have got 1361 vistors!!!!!!!! Thank you to everyone looking at our blog!

Bye Hillside! xxx

I got very emotional on our last day of Hillside and came out of the school crying, but everybody did. I am really sad about leaving Hillside as I remember my 1st ever day. Mrs Saunders dragged me into her class rom and stood me at the frount of the class to introduce me. I could choose where in the girls line to stand and I stood right next to Erin who was my BF from Nursury when we went to Jack and Jills.

Since then I have had alot of teachers who are:
Year 1: Mrs Saunders
Year 2: Mrs Yarnish
Year 2: Miss Daniels
Year 3: Mr Loome
Year 4: Mr Loome
Year 5: Miss Hodgets
Year 6: Mr Loome

Thank you Mr Loome for putting up with me for 3 whole years. I will miss you and will never forget you. Thank you to all of my wonderful friends. I can't wait to see you all in September. Thank you to the teachers, TAs and Mrs Bryant (old head) and Mrs Smith (current head) Youhave all made my Hillside jouney incredible!!!!!

Good luck in High School, Emily P

22 July, 2012

First day of Hillside +

Hillside! :)

Because my mum does scrapbooks, I looked through one that was about me and my experiences and came across a page. Of my first day at Hillside! I had a big grin that stretched across my face as I was so excited! Book-bag in hand, I was ready to start school, at least I thought I was. I got there and my mum gave me a big hug goodbye (apparently). I read on! I couldn't let go and started crying because I didn't want to leave my mum........ Now I've cried because I didn't want to leave Hillside. Anyway, Because I was crying I wouldn't come in the classroom so Mrs Parrot had to carry me in! I carried on with the day and probably made new friends that first day! According to the book mum brought me home and this was the following conversation!
Mum: How do you feel about your new school?
Me: Happy!
Mum: Anything else?
Me: It was fun, but I didn't like sitting with my legs crossed on the carpet because it maked me tired!            I can't believe now that I used to speak a bit like that!
I want to thank you Hillside and the staff for making some great memories that will stay in my heart forever. Probably! I'm kidding, or am I.............!

By: Cerys  

Blogging next year

Hi guys,

it appears that if you have a gmail address you can still post and blog here without needing an NSIX account. Your NSIX email will be closed in September but remains active until then. A standard gmail address will need to be invited to be used so let me know if you want to continue to blog here and I will give you further instruction by the NSIX email. As I said before this blog will remain online so please continue to visit, if you create your own then let me know the address by NSIX email as I would love to read them. Mr Loome

21 July, 2012

Bye hillside

Thank you mr loome for the three years you have teached me and pulled me thorough the hard times.

I will always remember you hillside and most of all mr loome . It only seems like I joined hillside 5 minutes ago it has gone so quick I am so upset I have had to leave hillside

Thank you mr loome I will always remember you .

20 July, 2012

I am still really upset about leaving Hillside.
I will miss this blog even though i don't come on here often. x

17 July, 2012

Blogging from Blakeney Point

We are at Blankey point at the minute .All of us have walked through mud and water it has been great fun! Right now we are eating our lunchh in front of the sea! Soon we are going on the boat to see the seals, should be fun!


16 July, 2012

Aylmerton day 1

Our visit to Aylmerton began with a slightly damp lunch on the beach at West Runton and just got wetter from there! We began with a walk down the beach to search for fossils. Along the way Beth accumulated a large collection of flint whilst others seached the beach for Red Jasper. Not the illusive Southern Mammoth but a semi-precious stone.
We spent time exploring the rock pools and Harry chased crabs around until he finally caught one. It was a glorious moment for him!
After all yhe excitement we continued the walk along the beach to Cromer. In the rain. As we bosrded the coach at Cromrr there were calls for bed and shower, both rejected in favour of a hearty dinner of sausages, mash and carrots in gravy.
Following dinner we got suited up and took a nature walk up to felbrigg hall to meet an old friend of our instructor's - George the tree. As the children piled inside the tree we did wonder who might get stuck but all children escaped.
We made our way away from the cows - to Ellen's delight - and started back towards the centre. Harry made up a song, Elliot fell in a muddy puddle and Mr Loome's group scared all the wildlife away.
We got back and had a hot chocolate then hit the sack ready for a 6 and a half mile trek around Blakeney. Hope those boys get some sleep!

11 July, 2012

My poem

In the land of bubbly boo

theres a speical kangaroo

he's allways the best but badly dressed

in the land of bubbly boo


in the land of Bubbly boo

there's a speical flangaroo

 he's defintley good at hoping

but tottaly bad at bopping

In the land of bubblyboo

09 July, 2012

Thanks for all your hard work today guys, I wouldn't have been able to do it without your help!

Just to let everyone know that we will be blogging from Aylmerton possibly using the iPad or I will keep everyone up to date with my phone.

08 July, 2012

Football tournament

Today I went to a football tournament in Norwich it was called the (Norwich summer cup) it is a good day for football or just being there to support the teams or just playing on the attractions me and my friend Hayden (in Lynn grove year 9) my bro and his bro play for the same team went I the orb balls and instead of getting 5 minutes for £3 we got 15 minutes for )3 because we was the only ones on there because every one was playing football and the we saw Kieran and we had a chat and then I asked who he played for and he said gorleston rangers then I went back to my brothers football teams gazebo and had some food and then the rest of the day was pretty much the same :)

My Weekend :)


On Friday I came home from school and watched T.V until 10 o clock.


We went to the furniture store and sorted out the problems with the wadrobes in my mums room.Then we went to the gardern cenre where we got a hat a Straw hat (dot't no why) and a mini scarow.Then we went home and I wrote a story all after noon so far i have wrove 2327 words and ten pages ! Then we had dinner.After Dinner me and my mum was randomly dancing in the kitched to the radio for about half an hour !Then i went to bed and watched Telly


In the morning I went on the laptop whilst my mum was talking to her friend for 1 hr and 35 mins :O Then we had to get ready for a Christning.When we got to the church they christed the baby then we went to the pub and had some food and 2 cupcakes ! We came back home and I watched tv in my room and there was nothing on so I watched Tennis and Andy Murray lost ! So then i went downstairs and wrote this blog! I am very tired so i might go to bed (not to sleep because Benidorm my fav programs on at 9.00 !)


Sports day tommorw or is it ? You really wouldn't think it's July !

07 July, 2012

Weather :/

it is really sunny this morning but why couldn't it be like this for sports day ?? sports day got cancelled because it was raining and has been change to Monday I think. I bet it will be really,really hot today and tomorrow and then chuck it down on Monday :/

Sorry !

Sorry now this is the real thing where iam going camping !
its got many things so hope you enjoy !!! :)

06 July, 2012

The Olympic Torch in Acle!

The Olympic Torch!

On the morning of Thursday 5th of July, I had to wake up at 5:45am. I was really tired!!! I was going to see Vicky Simmonds run with the Olympic Torch because she's my sister's really good friend and our neighbour. We parked at my mum's friend's house who lives in Acle as she lives right next to where we were going to watch the torch. As we walked in, there were schools singing on a stage and some of them danced. I saw my friend who used to come to Hillside Erin, and she was performing a song with her school choir too! When we saw Erin do her song we wandered around to find a space in a certain area as Vicky was only doing about 200 or 300 metres! We found a really good space next to Vicky's family and waited. We looked in the distance and spotted loads of policemen on motorbikes so we assumed that the Olympic Torch would be coming straight away. We were wrong. All these buses came along and the people in them were singing and dancing. This man came along and handed us a free tambourine! We were bashing them for fun until the Olympic Torch came. All the policemen that came past held their hands out and we all gave them a high five! One policeman let people sit on the motorbike and have a picture! Out of nowhere along came Vicky with the Olympic Torch in her hand! We got a really good picture of her with the torch even if it was out of nowhere!After we spotted it and it had gone we went back home!!! It was really fun and I feel really lucky to have gone to see it!!!!!!!!

BY: Cerys!!!

The Million Pound Drop With Harry Judd Out Of Mcfly !!

Right now i am playing live with Harry Judd out of mcfly on the million pound drop on my computer !! I still have my 1 million pound !!!! They only have 125,000 left !! oh well good luck to them !XX

My School Report !!

Just read my school report !! Mum thought i did really well !! So well that she told me i could do what ever i want !!!! i have decided to go to the cinema on Sunday to see either the katie perry movie withch is a PG or any other movie that is on any suggestions ??

Finished : D

Finally I have finished my escape from kraznir after sitting writing it for 3 hours :o I can only use my iPad by using my left hand because I did not stop so I had a weekend free so I could play out with all my friends

Olympic torch on our doorstep! :D

On Tursday the 5th of July the whole of Year six went to see the olympic torch.I had to get up early because you had to be at school be 10 mins to 8 ! We all got to school on time.We went on a double decker bus and most of the class sat at the top!When we got there they  were lots of people and lots of noise (whistling,drums and cheering) We waited a long time and got freebies such as:Samsung banngers,coca cola tamburines and this HSBC bibbon thing. Luckliy most of the class got front row seats.They were people selling stuff and shouting stuff like '' 1 pound a flag any flag now for just 1 pound''and a army on drums going up and down the road.Finally when the olympic torch did eventually come it was only 1 second, because the man was running really fast.It was really weird seeing the torch and the flame because ive seen it so many times on the telly! When the torch did come and past us we started heading off back to school.In the afternoon we had a torchbearer who was from our school came in and talk to her about it.

                                                      Olympic Torch !!!!!!!!

We had to get to school at 10 to 8 to go and see the olympic torch. We went on the double decker coach to get to the market gates where we were standing. We each had a flag to wave when the torch came past. The first man was carrying the torch and he was going very fast. 

Olympic Torch day out

Our experience of seeing the Olympic torch was great because it was maybe a once in a life time chance even though we only saw it for 2 seconds. It was fun as well because we got lots of free stuff. In the  afternoon at 1:30 a Olympic torch bearer who used to go to our school came in with her Olympic torch. Harry, Hannah, Evie and Finley got to have a picture with her and hold the torch. Lucky!                     



The Olympic Torch

It was about 8:30 that we got to Yarmouth and we waited at the market til 9:33 then we could see the torch but then a few minutes later I blew some chunks (Threw up) But either way 8it was awesome.


Olympic torch in Yarmouth!

Hillside in year 6 went to Yarmouth and saw the Olympic torch. We only saw it for 5 seconds but it was really fun. We got loads of freebies such as: a blow up Samsung beater, a flag, some people got a coca cola tambourine but that was cool, some people also got a green and yellow thing from the bank! Then the torch went past REALLY quickly and we were hoping that it would go slowly or walk!!!!! Then we went back to school! By Abigail Potter
(my brother isn't doing the water polo now he is doing the swimming, they changed him around!)

olympic torch relay

We got there at 8:40.I admit it was a bit boring while waiting to see it.We saw it at 9:33.I knew the torchbearer it was my dads friend.His name was ROB. By Jack
i loved the olympic torch it was so exciting seeing the flame go past. i mainly loved the fact that i got given a coca cola drum and a samsung hitty thing.
hi we went to see the Olympic  torch yesterday and we was waiting for about a hour and a half just to get a sight of it and when it came past we just got a glimpse of it for like 1.5 seconds it was quite annoying because we had to be in school at 10 to 8 in the morning :/

By - Kevin, Tayler & Kerris :)

04 July, 2012

A nightmare to remember part 2!!!

A nightmare to remember part 2!

Happily, Polly strolled along the wonky path, until she saw her friend waving desperately. " Hi Polly!" she shouted! 
"Hi Katie." Polly replied.
"Did you have another nightmare last night?" Katie asked rushing to her. Polly had been having nightmares a lot recently.  Each one different. Only three people knew about these nightmares, her mum, dad and best friend Katie. "Yes, I had one last night." Polly answered .
"Well?..." Questioned Katie starting to walk in the direction of school.
"Okay," Polly started "I was running along this long, dark corridor panting. My heart was pounding and my hands were sweaty. Behind me was this giant squid, I was running when suddenly his wet, scaly tentacle grabbed my leg. I was caught and couldn't find an exit. I think he was about to eat me when I woke up!" 
"Oh my goodness, that's the freakiest thing on the PLANET, UNIVERSE, GALAXY!!!" gasped Katie.
"I think you went a bit over the top there Katie. Don't get me wrong, it was super freaky but you emphasized it a teeny, weeny bit!" Replied Polly sarcastically.
"No, no, no, no, this is freaky because I had the exact same dream!" she cried.
"All the details, heart pounding, hands sweating?" Polly asked- a little worried.
"Yes" she shrieked.
"Let's go to school and deal with this later. Okay?" she suggested.
"Okay. Now we need to hurry up or we'll be late!" Katie giggled . The two friends ran and eventually made it to school- on time!

What should happen next?

The two friends discover everyone has had that nightmare at school?

Polly starts seeing squids everywhere but no one else does?

Katie turns into a squid and fights Polly?


A&E time !!!!

In October I had my ears peiced,I had them done before but something went wrong with them.They have been doing so well ! Until now :/ my stud went in my ear lobe and me or my my mum couldnt get it out...So we had to go to A&E I have never actually been to hopital before (acept when i was born.) At A&E we waited 15 mins and i was crying becuase i thought the nurse were going to cut my ear open ! It turns out that she didnt! PHEWWWY!!! and just pulled the stud out.Once it was out the doctor checked it and we were dissmissed !!

I am still going to have earings in just loops :/ (dont like loops)

03 July, 2012

Transition Days!

On Monday the 1st of July and Tuesday the 2nd of July 2012,all year 6 pupils (Accept for 2) Went to Lynn Grove High school for their transition days and heres all about it :
On Monday me,Elisha and Isobel walked to Lynn Grove. when we got there they were loads of year sixes from other schools there and it was quite scary really because you thought you were late and getting told off.But it turns out we wasnt late at all.We sat down at our form names(I was 7S) we had a assembly about ''first immpresions'' and then we met our new form teacher mine and Laurens and Jasmines form teacher was really nice and was called Miss White.After that we headed to RSE ,which stands for regious social education the teacher was called Mr Abbas and was really funny and kind! Next it was time to meet our buddies !! mine Ellen's,Charlotte's,Abigails and Emily p buddis was called Emily Harris she was really nice to us. I had a snack at playtime.Once the bell went it was rushhour every were charging ! Then it was maths,a MATHS TEST ON YOUR FIRST DAY !!!!!!!!! After maths  we had to meet our buddies again, we had lunch.I had a rost dinner.Then the buddies did a tour of the school which were good.After Lunch it was English ,my english teacher was called Miss Grey.We had to write a letter explaining about ourselvs.Next we had sience and in sience we did an experiment on smarties.I worked with this girl called Lilly (dont know her) and therefore we became friends,in the hole day I had met 3 new friends! Fiona,lilly and Emma!
I walked to school with Elisha and Isobel again then we went to our form classes and I was late ! There was this other girl late and therefore we became friends her first words was : ''look she's got a hot dog can!'' we got chatting together and in the end we hung around with each other rest of the day! We had form time and we rolled a ball and whatever question it landed on we had to answer it.After form time we had sience me and Rachel (my new friend) got lost! but we just went up these stairs and there it was ! In sience we had this really strict teacher called Mrs Shelly ! She didnt shout at me and Rachel,just the boys! Then we had our fingerprints done.When the bell went it was break.I had water and so Rachel got a milkshake but she never got chance to drink it ! We just hung around this spot.Period 5 was geography we had to draw a mind  map saying what is geography and watched this little film about geography and what it is.After that we had D.T and the teacher was scary and strict and saying about ofstead and saftey stuff.He said to me:''arent we and he said smile (i smiled) and he said thank you which was weird,VERY weird! We made key rings but me and Jasmine never actually made them ! After that we had lunch and me and Rachel sat next to each other.On the feild me and Rachel went and played catch (just us two) with her drinks bottle.Next was I.C.T which was fun we created a power point all about our transistion days.Then it was drama!!!!!!!! we didn't actually act we just did this rythm and we had to say our name intime with the rythm and we did get ourselfs in order by surname and our birthdays and our house numbers.We had a assembly with Mrs Mobbs and Mr Cooper and then home
I REALLY enjoyed my two fantastic days at Lynn Grove and I simply CAN'T WAIT (not that i want to be out of Hillside)

Transition days!

Have now finished the transition days at Lynn Grove :(

On the first day we were put into a group with a buddy (year 9) to show us around and stick up for us if any of the year 7,8 or 9s picked on us also we had our finger prints taken for the dinner money account.

What I did on the first day:

Form: registration
Form: chat
Finger print
We were meant to do English but didn't have time :(

On the second day we went solo around the school without our buddy which was not as scary as I expected although I only got lost once at the beginning of the day!

What I did on the second day:

Form: registration
English (very fun I got the best memory for remembering what the teacher said :D)
Maths (we done a test)
Music (very fun)
Textiles (very fun)
In the hall for a chat with Mr Cooper and Mrs Mobbs (the headteacher)

We had six lessons!!    

Transition days

How have your transition days gone at your new High school? What have you been up to? It has been really quiet without you all. I'm looking forward to all your stories tomorrow.

01 July, 2012

My weekend

Friday (summer fete)                                                                                               key:WT = Withering tights
Well I walked home to Elisha's house on friday after school because i was sleeping round hers we got ready for the summer fete then had a little walk.At the summer fete LOTS of people got wristbands (including me and elisha) 1st we went on the swing boats then I went on the teacups 6 times (not all at once) I know people think it might be babyish but it wasnt because the man spinned us really fast.Elisha felt sick (she went on it 5 times) but I went on it 6 times and didnt feel sick! Then me and Abbey .S had a bubble fight.I got 2 drinks and a cupcake. we hung around for a bit waiting to Elisha's mum collects us.
When we got home we had domions pizza then we watched this funny/scary film 
About the `film
 called Shaun of the dead .They were all these zombies came killing and bitting people and Shaun and his friends wanted to live so they decied to have an adventure and try and get somewhere safe to live and the somewhere safe to live is the local pub! So they go on a advenure and kill zombies, whilst trying to get to the pub.Eventually Shaun's mum dies,his girlfriends friend friend dies and his girlfriend's friend and his BEST mate dies eventually they all get into the pub  the zombies come into the pub and shaun , Shauns girlfriend and Shuan (the others are dead) go into the celler and the zombies come and try to get down there so they escape from this celler and go out the back door from the celler and then 6 months later the zombies are all gone and Ed (shauns friend is living in the shed playing video games and so Shaun and Shauns girlfriend live happliy ever after.
Back to the sleepover
Nearly at the end of the film Elisha fell asleep so when the film finished I woke her up and she turned the telly off then went back to sleep.Lucklilly her mum came downstairs and said up to bed elisha come up to bed so we went up ,Elisha was like a zombie herself going up to bed because she was half asleep.I went to sleep because Elisha had gone to sleep
I got up and had breakfast (toast) then watched corrie.After that we went to town and got ''friends forever'' braclets.Ive still got mine on writing this blog! Then we played out and went to the the park with kevin (Elisha's friend) and sat and chatted.Then we went home and had our left over pizza and had sandwiches and squash.Then I went home and sat in the gadern reading Elisha's book,Withering Tights. I read Elisha's book and then went to sleep.
I got up and went to a carboot (i didnt look I read WT) Then we went to the gardern cenre got a new light a reflector for my bike and then went home.I cleaned my roller skates and put them on gumtree because they are too small for me.Then i chilled out and again read WT then we went for a bike ride down the seafront again.I fell off my bike. After that we chilled out then had another bike ride. see you soon !

Emily R