06 July, 2012

The Olympic Torch in Acle!

The Olympic Torch!

On the morning of Thursday 5th of July, I had to wake up at 5:45am. I was really tired!!! I was going to see Vicky Simmonds run with the Olympic Torch because she's my sister's really good friend and our neighbour. We parked at my mum's friend's house who lives in Acle as she lives right next to where we were going to watch the torch. As we walked in, there were schools singing on a stage and some of them danced. I saw my friend who used to come to Hillside Erin, and she was performing a song with her school choir too! When we saw Erin do her song we wandered around to find a space in a certain area as Vicky was only doing about 200 or 300 metres! We found a really good space next to Vicky's family and waited. We looked in the distance and spotted loads of policemen on motorbikes so we assumed that the Olympic Torch would be coming straight away. We were wrong. All these buses came along and the people in them were singing and dancing. This man came along and handed us a free tambourine! We were bashing them for fun until the Olympic Torch came. All the policemen that came past held their hands out and we all gave them a high five! One policeman let people sit on the motorbike and have a picture! Out of nowhere along came Vicky with the Olympic Torch in her hand! We got a really good picture of her with the torch even if it was out of nowhere!After we spotted it and it had gone we went back home!!! It was really fun and I feel really lucky to have gone to see it!!!!!!!!

BY: Cerys!!!

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