03 July, 2012

Transition Days!

On Monday the 1st of July and Tuesday the 2nd of July 2012,all year 6 pupils (Accept for 2) Went to Lynn Grove High school for their transition days and heres all about it :
On Monday me,Elisha and Isobel walked to Lynn Grove. when we got there they were loads of year sixes from other schools there and it was quite scary really because you thought you were late and getting told off.But it turns out we wasnt late at all.We sat down at our form names(I was 7S) we had a assembly about ''first immpresions'' and then we met our new form teacher mine and Laurens and Jasmines form teacher was really nice and was called Miss White.After that we headed to RSE ,which stands for regious social education the teacher was called Mr Abbas and was really funny and kind! Next it was time to meet our buddies !! mine Ellen's,Charlotte's,Abigails and Emily p buddis was called Emily Harris she was really nice to us. I had a snack at playtime.Once the bell went it was rushhour every were charging ! Then it was maths,a MATHS TEST ON YOUR FIRST DAY !!!!!!!!! After maths  we had to meet our buddies again, we had lunch.I had a rost dinner.Then the buddies did a tour of the school which were good.After Lunch it was English ,my english teacher was called Miss Grey.We had to write a letter explaining about ourselvs.Next we had sience and in sience we did an experiment on smarties.I worked with this girl called Lilly (dont know her) and therefore we became friends,in the hole day I had met 3 new friends! Fiona,lilly and Emma!
I walked to school with Elisha and Isobel again then we went to our form classes and I was late ! There was this other girl late and therefore we became friends her first words was : ''look she's got a hot dog can!'' we got chatting together and in the end we hung around with each other rest of the day! We had form time and we rolled a ball and whatever question it landed on we had to answer it.After form time we had sience me and Rachel (my new friend) got lost! but we just went up these stairs and there it was ! In sience we had this really strict teacher called Mrs Shelly ! She didnt shout at me and Rachel,just the boys! Then we had our fingerprints done.When the bell went it was break.I had water and so Rachel got a milkshake but she never got chance to drink it ! We just hung around this spot.Period 5 was geography we had to draw a mind  map saying what is geography and watched this little film about geography and what it is.After that we had D.T and the teacher was scary and strict and saying about ofstead and saftey stuff.He said to me:''arent we and he said smile (i smiled) and he said thank you which was weird,VERY weird! We made key rings but me and Jasmine never actually made them ! After that we had lunch and me and Rachel sat next to each other.On the feild me and Rachel went and played catch (just us two) with her drinks bottle.Next was I.C.T which was fun we created a power point all about our transistion days.Then it was drama!!!!!!!! we didn't actually act we just did this rythm and we had to say our name intime with the rythm and we did get ourselfs in order by surname and our birthdays and our house numbers.We had a assembly with Mrs Mobbs and Mr Cooper and then home
I REALLY enjoyed my two fantastic days at Lynn Grove and I simply CAN'T WAIT (not that i want to be out of Hillside)

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