06 July, 2012

Olympic torch on our doorstep! :D

On Tursday the 5th of July the whole of Year six went to see the olympic torch.I had to get up early because you had to be at school be 10 mins to 8 ! We all got to school on time.We went on a double decker bus and most of the class sat at the top!When we got there they  were lots of people and lots of noise (whistling,drums and cheering) We waited a long time and got freebies such as:Samsung banngers,coca cola tamburines and this HSBC bibbon thing. Luckliy most of the class got front row seats.They were people selling stuff and shouting stuff like '' 1 pound a flag any flag now for just 1 pound''and a army on drums going up and down the road.Finally when the olympic torch did eventually come it was only 1 second, because the man was running really fast.It was really weird seeing the torch and the flame because ive seen it so many times on the telly! When the torch did come and past us we started heading off back to school.In the afternoon we had a torchbearer who was from our school came in and talk to her about it.

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