16 July, 2012

Aylmerton day 1

Our visit to Aylmerton began with a slightly damp lunch on the beach at West Runton and just got wetter from there! We began with a walk down the beach to search for fossils. Along the way Beth accumulated a large collection of flint whilst others seached the beach for Red Jasper. Not the illusive Southern Mammoth but a semi-precious stone.
We spent time exploring the rock pools and Harry chased crabs around until he finally caught one. It was a glorious moment for him!
After all yhe excitement we continued the walk along the beach to Cromer. In the rain. As we bosrded the coach at Cromrr there were calls for bed and shower, both rejected in favour of a hearty dinner of sausages, mash and carrots in gravy.
Following dinner we got suited up and took a nature walk up to felbrigg hall to meet an old friend of our instructor's - George the tree. As the children piled inside the tree we did wonder who might get stuck but all children escaped.
We made our way away from the cows - to Ellen's delight - and started back towards the centre. Harry made up a song, Elliot fell in a muddy puddle and Mr Loome's group scared all the wildlife away.
We got back and had a hot chocolate then hit the sack ready for a 6 and a half mile trek around Blakeney. Hope those boys get some sleep!


  1. It was great fun !

  2. I agree! Had to wash my feet after we got back tho coz they were still covered in thick mud!