30 June, 2012


Anyone like strawberries? I have soooooooo many growing on my allotment, I think I have more than Wimbledon! I have made jam, coulis (sauce for ice cream),smoothies and put them on my cereal. Have you any more ideas for them?

change of plan :/

Well i thought my dad did book haven but they havent got any tents and its all full up so instead we booked for this camping hoilday park in Lowestoft it got entermaint and 2 pools but it didnt look fun as Haven but my dad said he is going  take us to fun places like pleasure wood hills and sherringham splash (big splash) I'm a bit dissapointed really but oh well still going to have fun :)

:) Hope you like it

27 June, 2012

My summer hoilday has been booked I know ive told you this before but oh well !
1st week i'm of to summer school at my new high school and were going to this space cenre in Leicster ! I barley know anyone but iv'e go Abigail.P ! Then as you may know i'm going to Haven at the wild duck with Elisha (you know about that bit)
Then I might go up to Leeds (I will write about that again)
Then i'm going to Alton Towers and Bristol with elisha ! (alton Toweres havent been booked)

My Keyboard Exam!

Last week I took my step 2 keyboard exam. It was on a Wednesday morning at 10:15 so I didn't go to school before the exam, I just stayed at home. Keyboard exams aren't that exciting because all you do is play 7 songs and then the examinor asks you some questions. That is about it. All the keyboard exams are held at Mrs Harrison's house (Beths mum.)

I would like to say well done to the people who played there 1st exam (Sidony, Abby......) and Cody who played his step 2 exam. Also Elisha who took her GRADE 1 exam!!!!!!!!!!!!

26 June, 2012

I know this is late but I was bored so here we go :My weekend (again)
On saturday I went to a carboot (again :/) to look for a bike for me  and so there wasnt any : D so I went home and did this smoothie shop project  because I was REALLY bored and it was pouring with rain ! Then my mums husband (not my dad and dont like calling him my stepdad) went shooting not people, people but clay discs ! so me and my mum spent time toghether and just chatted.I went to sleep early because they were nothing on tv and i was tired.
Sunday !
My mums husband went shooting again so me and my mum went to a carboot AGAIN! to look for a bike and the carboot was cancelled because of the rain : D me and my mum went back home and looked on gumtree there wasnt any bikes on there either so I said ''lets look on halfords'' so me and my mum looked and there was a trax bike there I was really hoping my mum could buy it because my bike was like a bmx size and mine wasnt a bmx it was a moutain bike ! so we got a bigger one then my mums husband came home and he said clean your room hoover it. So i did that and my mum and my mum husband had a chat and we went into halfords and bought my bike after we bought my bike I played on it.I was hoping to go for a bike ride but it was raining :(

I cant wait until Friday because its the schools summer fete and i'am going round my best friendsfor a sleepover  ,Elisha's again :) !

25 June, 2012


Hello Everyone

Today you may think, why arn't I at school. Well it's because I have just came back from Cape Verde- at 4:00am! (Errrrr..... IF you look at the date, it's the day I published it)

BTW if you don't know where Cape Verde is, it's a little island near the west+south of Africa

I enjoyed my time in Cape Verde- it was very hot (it got over 36 degrees) There were about 7 pools altogther- me and my sister (Abi) went in everyday!

A few days into the holday went went on a trip- 4x4! it was very bumpy as there werent proper roads.

On the 4x4 we wnt all over the places. One of the places was a proper dessert. It had these massive sand mounds and no-one dare to climb up, but being my dad, he did so I copied!!

Then the photo man said jump off and me and my dad we like "NO WAY"  But we did in the end it was soooooooooooo fun! :D

We also went to this beach called Santa Monaca Beach- it was rated top 5 in the world! The waves were really big and a lot of people got dragged under! :O

In the afternoon of the trip, we went to a ship wreck alothough it was quite pants!

Me and my sister met some friends and we asked this little boy if Ic ould bowrow his water gun and he said yes. So I squirted it and this other boy came over and squirted us all so it turned into a massive water fight!
We kept pushing each other in and trying to splash each other..... It was soooooooooo fun- I can't describe how much fun it was!
But of course girls won!!

24 June, 2012


CodeAcademyUK is finally up and running! If you would like to view it and checkout the forum then please click here :)


1,101 Views! OMG

23 June, 2012

The run (short story)

I was bored so I made up this short story :

The footsteps were getting louder and lounder. I new they were coming for me.My life was over at just 12 years old.Shurley they arent going to kill me was they ? I ran round the corner as fast as I could dodging people.I ran out on to the road I felt a car hit me .

What do you think should happen next :

The girl ends up in hospital

Its just a dream

or she gets killed by a car and next time I write shes a ghost and she haunts the people that were going to kill her.

20 June, 2012



Today in netball all the year 4s that joined played a match against themselves and Me, Elisha, Charlotte, Lauren and Poppy(year 5) had to tell them what to do like we were the teachers! it was soooooo fun we will do it next week and carry on!!!!!! ;)

17 June, 2012

My Weekend:


Came home from school and finished ''cardboard homework'' off then I had tea (pasta) then I carried on finishing cardboard homework off. My parents then came to bed I still carried on finishing my cardboard homework off.


My parents were decorrating the living room ,whilst I were watching TV and reading a magzine then I had a phone call off elisha saying do you want to sleep round mine. I said yes.


When I went round elisha's at 1:15 we chatted for a bit then we went out to Acle and had dinner in a pub  there. I wasnt very hungry as I only had my dinner before I went to Elisha's but I had a small portion of chicken balls which were spose to be chicken wings,chips and baked beans.Elisha had beef burger ,chips and peas.Then we went back to elisha's house and went to town to get her dad a fathers day card .I had two pounds on me and there was a boofle card saying friend on it so I decied i was going to buy it for elisha but I left my two pounds back at her house.Then we went in new look we looked round and then we got a bit bored so we were playing hide and seek it were soooo funny !!!!!!! When we went home we chatted for a bit then we had a tickle fight then we had a ''touch the floor fight'' Elisha must of won 20 times but the time we stopped I was hungry so she said if you make me touch the floor we will go down and ask for food.I won.So we went downstairs and ordered pizza hut.During eating out pizza we watched the film,Bridesmaids which were soooo good and funny !!!! We went to bed after Bridesmaids and watched a bit of TV.Elisha dozed off so I dozed off too ! we were asleep by midnight.


In the moring I didnt know what time my mum was picking me up until 25 mins to 10 she said were picking you up at 10 so we had to quickly eat our breakfast and had two slurps of tea.When my mum picked me up we went to a carboot and my mum got a bike there.After the carboot we went to matress man and spent a very long time there ,so long that I went on a memroy phone matress and acttietndently went to sleep ! After matress man we went home and had a family bike ride ! All i'am ready now is a roast dinner!


MY 10 fav tv shows (counting down from 10) 10.come and dine with me  (channel 4)
9.A.N.T farm (disney channel)
8.Tracy Beaker (CBBC/BCC ONE)
7.icarly (nickoledeon)
6.pheanes and ferb (disney channel)
4.good luck charlie (disney channel)
3.Blue Peter(CBBC/BBC ONE)
2.Tracy beaker returns(CBBC/BBC ONE
1.BENIDORM !!! (itv2/itv1)

A historic day for NCFC

On this day in 1902 a meeting was held in the city's Criterion Cafe at which Norwich City Football Club was formed.

Saturday the 16th 2012

On Saturday i went to crazy golf with my mum and dad and my dad won but it was soo fun! it went really slow to get round cause of the people in front, i had a turquoise ball my mum had a pink ball and my dad had a yellow ball after that we were going to Zaks but they didn't have any tabels so we went to tides that was REALLY nice then we came home and watched sister act NOT the football my mum is tired of it because its been on so much the really good 1 was the Sweeden- England and me and my brothers watched the Chris Moyles commentery with Dave that was really fun, anyway, what did you do on Saturday? 

16 June, 2012

Recycling Homework by Kyle

Locked in B&Q

Last night at 8:00 we went for a late look roung B&Q. My mum didn't have her phone on her and neither did her boyfriend. We spent about an hour there. B&Q closes at 9:00 but they didn't say that they were closing, they just carried on with the music. Fially, one of the workers found us at 9:10. He had to unlock the doors to let us out. We were locked in and we didn't even know it!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: Please leave a comment.

15 June, 2012

A nightmare to remember

I decided to write because I couldn't think what to blog about!

A nightmare to remember!

She stopped. She stared. She sprinted for her life, behind Polly was a giant squid. As she ran, she felt a cold, wet tentacle clutch her leg. There was no escape, it had caught her! "Polly?" called her mother. "Are you alright?" It was a nightmare, at least she thought it was. She peeped out of her window and saw the big, bright moon staring at her as its light beamed in front of her very eyes. Underneath the bright moon, was a little black cat passing her garden fence. She knew the squid fantasy was a dream, but for now it was back to reality. After the nightmare her sweet mother comforted her then sent her back to sleep.

"Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep" the alarm clock irritatingly screeched -always been the annoying one! With great effort, Polly clambered out of bed to get ready for school. As she went through the events of her getting ready for school routine, she couldn't stop thinking of why she unexpectedly started having these sorts of  nightmares. Where did they come from? Ignoring everything about her nightmare, she left her house (which Polly thought of as beautiful) and strolled to school -as normal.

What should happen next:

She sees the squid she saw in her nightmare?
She meets her friend and finds out she had the same nightmare?
Her school is attacked by giant squids?


my top 20 fav songs

1. Sing by Gary Barlow and the commonwealth bang ft. military wives
2. whistle by Flo Rida
3. call me maybe by Carly Rae Jespen
4. sing it by Rebecca Black
5. Sorry for party rocking by LMFAO
6. give me everything by Pittbull ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack and Nayer
7. Do you really wanna hurt me by Culture Club
8. karma chameleon by Culture club
9. mama do the hump by Rizzle Kicks
10. I'm sexy and i know it by LMFAO
11. Grenade by Bruno Mars
12. Titanium by David Guetta  ft Sia
13. We found love by Rihanna
14. Lonely by Akon
15. Sister Christian by Night Ranger
16. Party rock by LMFAO ft Lauren Bennett and Goonrock
17. Billionaire by Travie Mccoy ft Bruno Mars
18. Young hearts run free by Candi Staton    
19. Wight cliffs of Dover by Vera Lynn
20. Whats my name by Rihanna 

Biodegradable Facts!

Biodegradable is waste that is not harmful for the environment, you can bury it and it will decompose.

These items you can bury and they will decompose:

  • Banana peels: Takes 2-20 days to decompose
  • Orange peels: Takes 6-8 months to decompose
  • ALL fruit and vegetables are biodegradable
If you bury meat, bones or dairy, as it takes over a year to decompose, it smells AWFUL!  

What materials/items are biodegradable?
  • A carrot
  • Piece of paper

  • Bones
  • Cotton
  • Wood
  • Banana peels
  • A feather  

What materials/items are NOT biodegradable?
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Rubber

By Isobel Yaxley!

14 June, 2012

Why hello there what a jolly nice day

I've been thinking and I don't do that often when I'm at home what is the most British saying I think it's the phrase I used as the title
leave a comment on your ideas and I may reply to some
Must dash got TV to watch
bye : 3

My Skateboard Prezi

Cat in the hat review

Cat in the hat is about two children left with a babysitter. Then a cat comes in butnot the sort of cats you'd have as a pet. The mother is having a party later on and if her house isn't clean and her kids ar naughty shes fierd from her job because its a company party. The cat and the kids do all sorts of stuff like cooking and sofa jumping. But at the end there was a twist but i won't spoil it. This film had Mike Myers as one of the main actors and he is really funny. 

I'd give it 5 stars *****
and a 10/10

Summer school at Lynn Grove

I'm going to the space summer school at  Lynn Grove. I know that were going on a space trip to the space place in Liechester it's sounds awesome but 1 thing i have to get up at 5,6 ish  in the morning so that we get there on time annoyig but I really want to go.

13 June, 2012

Book review for 'Sapphire Battersea'

I really enjoyed reading this book because there were loads of emotions throughout the book! When Hetty got a job as a servant, Mr Buchanan was her master, she got really angry with him when he took her book of memoirs and started to copy them out for one of his stories. He refused  to give it back, he kept saying he didn't have a clue as to what they were, in the end she got them back but got dismissed straight away. My favourite part of the book was when the character Bertie took Hetty out every Sunday after church. Bertie wanted to be Hetty's sweetheart but Hetty had Jem. My other favourite part was when Hetty found this family (The Greenwoods) who she had met earlier in the book, when she was trying to find her mother. The Greenwoods were VERY kind to her that they offered her to go live with them in Arundel, but hetty said no because her mother was very ill and Hetty wanted to look after her. The part I didn't like was when Hetty's mother died.

I give this book 8/10! (There were some disgusting parts in the book!) 

Book review for 'Hetty Feather'

I really enjoyed  reading this book because it was funny and it was like  a mystery. it was like a mystery because the character Hetty feather was looking for her mother as she was abandoned as a baby. She was left at the Foundling Hospital until someone adpoted her. Hetty was adopted, with another baby called Gideon, by a really kind lady, who always adopts children. Hetty's foster mum and dad had some other children. Hetty's foster mum and dad had some other children with them called Rosie, Elizabeth, Saul but Hetty really liked Jem because he was kind to her when she was first adopted. When hetty was 5, Jem said to her that when she was old enough to leave the Foundling Hospital, he was going to come and find her and then marry her. Further in the book, Hetty had to go back to the Foundling Hospital (she was 5.) She REALLY hated it there, not just because she couldn't see her brother Gideon, she also got bullied as she had red hair and she was the littlest girl there. Hetty really wanted to see her brother Gideon but girl and boys were forbidden to see each other, she dressed up as a boy and went to see him while the boys were having their playtime. The nurses/staff at the hospital were really mean because one of the teachers hit Hetty's best friend Polly on the hand with a whiteboard rubber, Hetty stuck up for her and said to the teacher that she was mean and evil (many more things) then the teacher took Hetty to the headmistress, she got really told off and had to be in a prison like room for 24 hours for her punishment. When a flu went round the hospital, including Hetty, many people got sick. When Hetty's brother and friend caught it, they sadly died. When the hospital got invited to ho to the Queen's Jubilee, where they were going to meet the lady herself, Hetty ran away to go find her mother, but she didn't find her. In the end hetty was living on the streets and was begging for money. A 14 year old girl called Sissy started to look after her. But when they had lunch with a writer, she took her back to the hospital. In the end, one of the really kind nurses, Ida, was Hetty's mother but they couldn't say anything, it had to be a secret!

I give this book 10/10! I can't wait to read the second book, Sapphire Battersea!




My dog

Sadly, on the 12th of June my dog had to go to the vets because she is allergic to something. We found out the other day when my dads friend took her for a walk on the field and when she came home we found out that she had a rash. she has had it for quiet a while. 
On the other hand, my dog is called Chardy and she is 5 years old. She is very cheerful and hates baths. Whenever we put her in the bath she always jumps out. She is the best dog i have ever had.

My holiday

This summur i am going to Russain to see my nanny because i only get to see her once ta year so does my mum and that is my mums mum not my dads mum my dad does not come with us he stay at home or go's to work  but there is a promble because we have a dog butmy dad is home but he has got to work for three week so my dog has go to my dads mum so my another nanny. we are going to go for three weeks.
I performed with Dani Harmer on stage!

This year during around Easter time, I went to a workshop for two days with a group of other children. We were going to be in the wizard of oz, which Dani Harmer was in and I got to actually perform on stage with her! It was scary at first when I stepped on stage but I straight away remembered what it was like as I've done a few -about four- dancing shows there. It wasn't really scary because all you could see was pitch black as if there was no audience! Unfortunately, we didn't see Dani Harmer............ or so we thought! Everyone crowded round the backstage exit just to see Dani Harmer. People kept coming out (other people in the play) and telling us she had left we were getting disappointed. People even thought that they'd smuggled her out in a big box on wheels. A LOT of people left but eventually Dani came out and everyone, who was there, was overjoyed. I was really happy because I got her autograph and a picture with her. It was great!!!!!!

My brothers!;)

My Brothers!

My Brothers are the best brothers ever i have 2, Andrew and Jason, you might of heard about Andrew that he is a lifeguard in the Olympics now that is cool but my other brother is cool as well because he is my brother, he has left school now because he was in year 11 and he left on Thursday before the half term. But he has to go back in for his GCSE'S these are exams if you don't know what they are. Andrew has finished school as well but he finished ages ago and he has finished collage he used to work at the co-opretive a shop near our house but he finished there to a better job and he is very happy. So there you go my biggest bestest brothers!!!
They sometimes are very annoying! funny
Last weekend i went to a zoo.When i was there i saw a sloth!!!It was in a little box with a metal pole .One of its hands on the pole and the rest of his body was laying in the box. And it was asleep!!!!

Things I might do

going to make a hand of Blu-tac later might post a joke as well and I made a random video about my stuff but there is no sound but  it's really random

book review on My sister Jodie

Well I did like this book it was a sensational book for me andit made me laugh but i couldnt help crying at the end,Jodie (the big sister of pearl)falls out of the tower window at Melchester boarding school.I thought that it was a joke at first because Jodie always liked telling jokes!and Pearl likes telling stories. I couldnt help but repeat the phrase ''were never going to forget or sister Jodie''also Pearls mum has a baby called May (because she was born in May) I truly recamand to you that Jacqueline Wilson has a right to be an award winning author !

Book review for 'Torment' By Lauren Kate

I really enjoyed reading this book because it was scary and funny in parts, just like Fallen (The 1st book of the series). It was about a girl called Luce that went to a school abroad called Shoreline, as she was told to by her angel boyfriend, called Daniel, for safety from the outcasts who wanted to take her with them, but her parents didn`t know that she wasn't at Sword & Cross anymore, her old school, so when it was Thanksgiving, they invited her to go back home but obviously she couldn't. While Luce was at Shoreline, she made lots of friends but the main ones, that were her best friends were Shelby, Miles and Roland. Luce alsosaw her shadows again, called Announcers, but they don't harm people, they give messsages and you can travel through them. Luce was particularly trying to find out her past lives, so she ended up travelling through the Annoncer to Las Vegas with her friends Miles and Shelby, she found her sister there. The part I found funny was when Luce got an e-mail from her parents saying that they dressed their dog up as a turkey for Thanksgiving. In the end, whiles Luce, Callie, Daniel, Molly and Shelby were at Luce's house in Georgia the outcasts found out and brought an army to try take Luce. The ending was just like Fallen because they both ended with a battle!

I liked reading this book a little bit more than Fallen because there was alot more going on! 
I give this book 10/10!  

New Website! - CodeAcademy.org.uk | New YouTube Channel - CodeAcademyUK

Finally I have got my new website - CodeAcademy.org.uk - up and running! I have also got a new YouTube channel - CodeAcademy.org.uk.
This channel and website will have tutorials on showing you how to make a fully customize able website and will also have some tutorials from php.net. If you would like to find out more please e-mail me at tayler@codeacademy.org.uk or getstarted@codeacademy.org.uk.

View The Website Here!
Diamond jubilee street party!
Last sunday i went to a street party for the diamond jubilee and it was great! I went there at 2 o'clock.My neighbors won £250 of food from island and people made scones, cakes, sausage rolls and loads of more things! There was loads of children there and we all got together and played a massive game of manhunt. Manhunt is basically hide and seek it! it was really fun because we have a huge field where we walk the dogs and we played it on there !!!! We played loads of games like football and catch! we went home at about 11 o'clock.
Dark Shadows ( film review )

Dark Shadows is a film about a vampior ( who was played by johnny Depp ) that has found his long lost relatives and decides to stay with them. A witch lives down the road to them. She knows a spell that can make people do what you tell them to do what you want. So she makes a little boys mum walk down a cliff. The vampior follows her down the cliff but, the vampior never dies. So eventually the witch dies because she has done a spell which is dark magic. Me and my friend, my mum, my dad and my sister went to see it in the cinema.

Hunger Games book review.

Just read the Hunger Games i give it a 10/10 and recommend it to everyone! i love the bit in the arena when the wolfs come out and Cato is being chased by mutated wolfs and they all jump on that gold horn trying to not get eaten!

On Saturday the 2nd i went on a scout camp in Eton Vale, in Norwich.

This is a diary of what i did

Saturday :

First day of camp, i woke up and put my case in my car and ate breakfast i was really,really exited.
As we pulled up in to Eton Vale i saw my friend Heather she told me i had to go in the other car park as im in the beavers car park !! i arrived in the right car park and i saw my tent a very small blue one !
My mum said goodbye and waved. We had been told that it was the oylipics and we were oylipic athlets ! my first game was space hopper racing i verses Heather and i won !! the next time i verses tia and i won again !! next we played weres the puzzle ?! there were puzzle pieces hidden all over the camp site ! After a few minitues we had found them all and put them all together.  We had an hour and a half free time but we had to get ready for are queens diamond jubilee dinner with a theme dress to inpress. i wore a long blue and white stripey dress with a red belt. This day was absolotly tiring so i went to sleep stright away while all my friends keept shouting "where's me hanger ?" in an irish acsent taking the mick out of Evie all night long.

Sunday :

Sunday was a chill out day we did so archery and some mountin biking. The mountin biking was really good because we went down a dirty mud track with a small ditch but it was really deep ! and every one else swereved it and of course i fell down it ! We had two hours free time so i went to the gift shop and brought a pack of cards i went in to mias tent and played her game she made up. Then went back to my tent i said goodbye to Maisy and Molly who i was sharing a tent with but they were leaving today and i was staying till wednesday. I had chosen who i was sharing a tent with now i was sharing a tent with evie and erin. Goodnight evie and erin. evie stayed up all night screaming "wheres me hanger?" lucky im a heavy sleeper!

Monday :

Today we went to london !! we walked across the tower bridge and went inside the musem then we walked back and went into mcdonalds and had lunch it was really buzy i had to sit next to a lady. i felt like i was being rude and inturupting her lunch with her husband.Ebony just keept laughing at me ! when we had finished we went outside and went in the london eye shop. we saw a 4d movie i was really good there were pidgons flying around me but when you took your glasses off it was back in the screen.aftter that we went on the london eye the scout leader was showing us places and what they are for and more stuff.Our trip to london went really quick !! we were on the way home when we were told that are tents were flouded !!! And tent 4 (my tent ) had ducks in it !! when we got home we had just are sleeping bags in a bin bag.i was so tierd i dont think i cared i just went to sleep.


chill out are mums and dads were picking us up in an hour. my nanny picked me up she was the very last one.

i had a great scout camp!x

12 June, 2012

Book review for 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire'

I really enjoyed reading this book because it was fun to read, just like the 1st book. I felt sorry for Katniss and Peeta because they had to go back into the arena for The Quarter Quell. The Quarter Quell is held every 25 years, to celebrate the anniversary of the Districts’ defeat by the Capitol.  The Quarter Quell took up half of the book, the other half was about the uprisings in Districts and Peacekeepers going about setting rules, food rationing and A LOT more.  I didn’t like it when Katniss’ best friend got the whip when he went hunting and he came back with a turkey (before the Peacekeepers came Gale and Katniss went hunting and sold their animals to the village, although it was against the law.)

I liked this book the same as I did the 1st book because there was a lot going on in both! I CAN’T wait to read the next and last book! I don’t want it to end! I give this book a BIG 10/10!
The beacon 

On the 4th of June -the Queens diamond jubilee - myself and Beth .H. went to St. Andrews church in Gorleston to see a beacon being lit.There were over 4,000 beacons being lit all around the U.K to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee!
If you don`t know what  a beacon is, it is kind of like a big torch that's used for signaling or to mark an extremely special event.
It was Beth's little brothers 7th birthday, so we went to see to beacon being lit as a kind of birthday present  since it was a very late night for him.
It was very interesting seeing the people on top of the church tower because there was Daniel (the church curate) shouting the time to us so we knew how long till the beacon would be lit.There were the two church wardens Brian and Mike (but we have no idea how Mike got up there because he is blind!)there was also Beth and Jamie's uncle Mark up there.
Beth and Jamie went absolutely  bonkers singing a song that goes like this : ( Beth made it up herself)

The union jack,
the union jack,
is the best flag in the world;
the union jack,
the union jack,
is worth much more than a thousand pearls!

Over all we all had a wonderful time and I slept round as well!

By Abbey and Beth!!!!!!

Massive nose bleed

On Saturday 9th  June I was on the trampoline with me, my friend Kerris and my brother Louis we put all the footballs on the trampoline and I shouted DODGE BALL so I throw the ball at Kerris and it hit the ball and he throw one at me it hit my nose and it started bleeding I went on the patio and just let it bleed.Kerris came out with the hole toilet role I put it under my nose then I went to the toilet and Kerris said snot it out then he said its a joke so I did it any way and there was this massive thick dark red blood it looked like some of my brain after 10min it stopped and we went back on the trampoline and we had a big play fight Louis jumped on me and he lightly hit my nose with his foot and it all started again so Kerris got the hole toilet role again but we didn't use that much as last time and not that big as last time.     

Abigail my best friend

My best friend Abigail,she is very funny and very ticklish.she is very tall but younger than me and i am very small and older than her by a month. when Abigail comes round my and when we have dinner she sit opposite me then she steer at me then she goes pop she starts to laughs till the end of dinner, she loves my dog Hugo he is a small black dog.

  • sweets 
  • games
  • friends
  • FUN
  • LAUGHING (alot)

Olivia my best friend

My best bud is Olivia and she is quite wired she is funny but wired, she can get angry very easily but i can always calm her down. She is very cute because she is small and she is older than me but i am a lot taller than her. I LOVE her dog Hugo he is sooo cute once we took him for a walk down the beach and he went up the cliffs and we couldn't see him and when we went to get a ice cream hugo had a bit of Olivia's ice cream it was funny and he had it all around his mouth we laughed for ages"GOOD TIMES!".She LOVES sweets she will do anything for them

  • Purple
  • dogs
  • sweets 
  • friends
  • sky landers(wii game)
  • moshi monsters
This is my best friend Olivia and she will never change because she is my best friend!!!!!!
Book review on Ugenia Lavender!!

I have really enjoyed this book as it was really adventurus. Some bits were really exciting and alot of it dragged me in so i wanted to carry on reading. I give it a 10 out of 10!!
A book review on "Cool"

This book is a very teaful, happy and funny story. Personally I loved this book and it is the best book i have ever read! I have a favourite part  but i will try not to give all of the story away incase you want to read it for yourself. It's when Robbie ,who got hit by a car, loved to play football and one of the people in his favourite football team came to see Robbie as he was all over the newspaper. Robbie can hear, so he is really happy that he came and the football player said that when Robbie wakes up he can play football with him after the match. I would rate this book 10/10!!!

Ideas for adventure storys

As soon as sir Christopher opened the door, his terrable creation burst through the roof and flew away,it was never to be seen again.

made up England team

Gk: Joe Hart
Defenders Lesscot, John Terry, A.Cole and G.Cahill
Midfielders: A.Young, S.Gerrard, F.Lampard and Theo Wallcot
Forwards: G.Holt and W.Rooney
Subs: D.wellbeck, A.Carroll, J.Ruddy, G.Johnson and A.Oxalade-Chambalain

By Jack and Kerris
Book review on Charlotte's webb!!

I have really enjoyed this book because it was a bit sad when Charlotte dies and I liked all of the other happy bits like when Wilbur wins his award and gets a medal.Also I liked it when Charlotte was successful and had lots of ittle baby spiders. So I give it a wonderful 10 out of 10 !!!!
Review on Amelia Jane Is Naughty Again !!

I have really enjoyed this book because it had lots of different books in one. I think Amelia Jane is very naughty and i would not like to be her friend! I give this a 10 out of 10 !!

My dogs !

I have got two dogs called Molly and Megan.Megan is a Jack Russel and is 12 years old(84 in dog years) and Molly is a king Charles and she is 9 years old(63 in dog years) Megan habbits is eating polos.When she wants a polo she brings a peice of paper (on the floor)or when the bin is over loaded she gets something out of the bin and brings it to me !Also when it's my birthday and we have ballons up she likes to pop the baloons! Molly's habbits are sleeping she likes sleeping and eating.Sometimes Molly plays but when she plays ,she gets her ball and keeps it to herself ....unlike megan who would bring it to me i would throw she would get it and bring it back to me.Megan likes to eat and drink
dog bisuits
anything acept from bread
Molly likes to eat and drink
dog biscuts
ANYTHING ! (because she's greedy)

my birthday

i cant wait to my birthday because i might be taking one of my friends to a restaurant. i also asked my mum for a xbox Triton hedset.


 COMING SOON TO A BLOG NEAR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


11 June, 2012

The Hunger Games (book 1)

I am REALLY enjoying The Hunger Games I think it will be my favourite book after I've finished reading it!!

What's your favourite book? :)

All about Oil!

All about oil!!

Have you ever wondered how oil is made/ formed or where you get it or, more importantly, what it actually is? Well read on and you’ll find out!

What is oil?
Oil is a flammable liquid and is a general term for fluids that are not able to be mixed with water. The name comes from Latin oleum for olive oil.
How is it made/ formed?
Oil was formed from the left-overs of animals and plants that lived in water millions of years ago (before the dinosaurs). Over the years, the remains have been buried by layers of mud. The layers produced heat and pressure, which helped the remains turn into what we call ‘crude oil’.

What is crude oil?
Crude oil contains a mixture of petroleum. The word ‘Petroleum’ means ‘Rock Oil’ or ‘Oil from the earth.’

Where do we get it?
Crude oil is usually found in underground areas called reservoirs.
Scientists and engineers explore an area chosen by doing rock samples from the earth.  

Here are 4 steps as to how you get oil:

  • Measurements are taken.

  • If the site looks promising, drilling begins.
  • Above the hole, a structure called a ‘Derrick’ is built to house the tools and pipes going into the well.
  • When finished, the drilled well will bring a steady flow of the oil to the surface.   

By Isobel Yaxley

Today at school, we all had to represent something all about Oil for homework. Here is mine! 

Alton Towers

Over half term I went to Alton Towers.

The 1st day:        We had to go on a sort of train to get to the gates. It was the 1st ride of the day. When we got in, we went on this really slow ride where you went in this giant nut and went round a small circuit. Next, we went on a faster ride (called sonic pinball) which was a roller coaster. That ride took your picture. We went on several rides including Rita which was a super fast ride which turned you upside - down and round and round. We also went on Hex which told the story of Alton Towers and then finished off with a ride when you thought you were upside - down but you were actually the right way up. Tyler (my brother) cried on that ride - he thought it was really scary.
The 2nd (and last) day:        One of my favourite ride was Air. When you got in, you were strapped tightly - even your legs - to a roller coaster chair. Then you were lifted up so you were on your belly and there was no floor. You went on a fast roller coaster (looking like super - man) with bends, twists and turns. On the ride you were turned upside - down and it took your picture. Another ride we went on was Thirteen you went on a roller coaster and into a black tunnel suddenly, we dropped. We then went backwards really fast in the dark. After that, the ride was done. We went on loads of other rides that day but there isn't enough time for me to tell you about them because we went on so many.
So that was our two days at Alton Towers.   

My rabbit eats me

My rabbit eats me!

My rabbit is ALWAYS hungry so I have to feed him LOADS. When I first got him the first thing he did wasn't hide, or hop around getting used to his new home, it was eat! I get him out in a box and sit in the box with him as it is huge! Unfortunately, if I haven't fed him in about an hour or so he starts to nibble on my clothes which are most of the time quite thin and my rabbit has sharp teeth............ it isn't that nice! But it's a good thing he's so adorable because that makes me not care if he accidentally bites me! He eats so much but he doesn't seem to be getting fatter! He's growing but not really getting fatter.
He's probably going to become my little chub chub though........... sooner or later!
I went to a stupid caravan site with my dad and we kept having power cuts how annoying and you could literately stand on the pool no heaters, not cool

The Head Thing Of Blu Tac

Hi the clue is in the title.
Leave a comment on what you think of it and I could do with some new ideas on what to create.

2012-03-31 21.51.54

Me and my friend Hannah had a sleepover on Thursday and we had a great time! We made a den in my living room with the sofas,blankets and sleeping bags. It was funny because we were playing games downstairs and my mum and dad went upstairs to bed so we tried not to make any noise but it FAILED !!!!!! We went to sleep really late. In the morning as soon as we woke up we were pretending to be asleep when my mum walked passed. I put my sleeping bag on the floor and we could here my mum in the study next door to me about to look in, i quickly got in my sleeping bag and hid under it! Me and Hannah were planning to go to mill lane, a park , but it was raining and really windy! We then had lunch ( a tuna wrap ) and listened to some music on the computer! It was soon time for Hannah to go home :( 

So....... that was my sleepover during the half term. :)
hillside animal sanctuary 

I am raising money for hillside animal sanctuary they rescue lots of different animals from a shire horses to baby mice. They rescue dogs, horses, ferrets, pigs, sheep, cows, rabbits and guinea-pigs even deer.
its a great day out for all the family and sheds and houses with facts about an animals history.It is really fun and I am raising money for it me and Izzy my friend have raised over $70.00 and our goal is $200.00 there is a box in rainbow we have put in there to raise extra money for it thank you so much if you have put money in it.

Euro 2012

6 weeks until summer hols!!

Getting more and more excited for the summer hols as it's getting much more closer to going to Alton Towers and Center Parcs with my friend Emily!!

Can't wait!!
lost a tooth saturday .i ended u getting 60p
had a dog for diamond jubilee. it just recked the place and left
went bowling with jack tuesday .i was just worried about pizza hut after bowling

My holidays

Over the Holidays I had my Auntie, Uncle and my cousin came up on the Saturday which was fun until we had to go shopping. After that we all went to play golf.
went to cinema Friday to see avengers  it was funny and weird at the same time.i thought it was really good but strange.

09 June, 2012

We might go to Haven instead of Center Parcs because all the stuff  I said for Center Parcs it has it there and it is mch more cheaper
Me and my Dad are watching this really scarry movie in 3D on the big screen (in the house) and its called Hellraiser and its 18 plus also we are having a midnight feast whilst watching it :)
what I did today:
Went to my big sisters (anni's) went to the Leeds musem getting on the bus there was a little moan:
bus driver:ok thats £4.20 please
(i'am getting my money out and counting it)
bus driver:can we hurry up please there's people waiting
After the musem I went to my sisters house played on her ps2 and them watched a movie and then my dad picked me up
were going out tonight to a restraunt
then watching a movie in 3D at my dads house


I day to go until I go on my Holiday!!!!!

What I'm doing today:

At 9:15 I'm going round my Bff's Ambers
At 11:30 I'm going to have my hair done.- Which has turned out pretty nice!
When my hair is cut and finished I might be going back Ambers
Once we've picked up Amber, we're going to the nail place- My mum's having her nails done (She's doing mine herself with crackle varnish)
After that- a long time after that, we're going to the waxing place- Mum's getting her legs waxed. We are NOT going to watch :O- I had fish "n" chips instead
Finally, Mum is going to the Tanning salon.- BORRRIIINNNGGGGGGGG

I can't wait, 1 more day!!
Although tomorrow i'm not flying (We're staying in a hotel, for the night and then we're flying at 6:30AM)



08 June, 2012

what I did today:
went to my big sisters today again this time we went to the media musem ....it were so funny there was a green screen there aand these other people were on it and the backround was Teletubbies and my little neice ran out and said:I  like teletubbies the blue ones my faverouite and then ran back off it was sooooo funny ! Then I came home had my tea (chicken burgers,salad,chips) talked to elisha on facetime and wrote the blog that i'am doing now meanwhile dad and his friend are watching football eruo 2012 and my dads ain a  tiger onezy !

Next Year.......

This year I've had a lot of holidays- or going to have a lot of holidays.

Next year my mum said that I can have a holiday with a friend (obvously not on my own)
I suggested Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Center Parcs, Camping or Caravaning.

She said what about Center Parcs but another one to the one in Norwich- I think
My dad said that he will see if we can go to center parcs instead of Haven for camping....they don't do tents but they do do distcounts  !! My friends said its fantastic so me ,my dad ,dads girlfriend ,elisha might go there this is what featres they have:
wave pool
exciting flumes, wild water rapids or canyon ride.
You can spend all day in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise, as there are hot and cold refreshments available at the Lagoon Bar or Canopy Cafe. For extra luxury book a Cabana for up to eight people and enjoy luxury comfy chairs, complementary towels and cold soft drinks, along with a safe. Some cabanas also feature a TV.
and many  more but the thing is it cost alot of money ....

07 June, 2012

Good job lightwaves was shut because I just found out that the place that has all of the waterslides, rapids and all of that was at Buttlins.... but they have also got this swimming pool that has all of that in sherringham so when we go campping i'am going to ask if we could go there...  

what i did on the 6th of June 

went to my dads work(works in a beer and wine shop) until two o clock.It was so funny at dinnertime  I went next doors to Greggs and got a ham sandwhich for me and a ''cold'' sausage roll for my dad.
Search Description
At the till I said: How much is a cold sausage roll? the lady said: what ?

 How much is a cold sausage roll? ,I said COLD SAUSAGE ROLL she said: Sorry I didn't know what your saying (she must not heard me as she was from Yorkshire but I have a slighty different accent to her ) Then I went to my Grandmas all we could hear is moan moan moan.After that we went home watched TV then got ready for swimmming.We picked my dads girlfriend up and saw my dad doing his swimmimg lesson then I got into the pool afterwards and swam 64 meters !  After that I went home had tea (keish,wedges,salad) and then went to bed. 

What i did on the 7th :

Dad had work (again) so I went to my big sisters house and saw my little neice(three years old) my Big sisters a childminder so her friend son and daughter (which were young) came on the day trip with us this is what we did :


park (in the rain)

picnic in the park (in the rain)

farm (in the rain) 

And then we came home to my big sisters house and I played with my neice and the other kids. Then had tea (mince,beans,veg,pancakes) Then they went home .... my sister went to work while my brother in-law came home and looked after me and we watched a episode of CSI and then went on the blog and wrote my blog (that i'am doing now) My dad is picking me up at ten so 20 mins to go ! 

bye for now 

Emily R


Another Holiday

In the summer holidays, my Nanny and Grandad are taking me and my sister- Abi, to Kelling Heath Holiday park.

When we are there we are going to the Big Splash Pool- that had 4 waterslides, 3 swimming pools (a main one, an adults one and a kids one, also one where you land after the slides) , rapids and free inflatables- that you can use. And......... there are hot-tubs! :)

We are staying there for a week.

In Kelling Heath there is a swimming pool, outdoor and indoor!
The outdoor swimming pool, we're going to bring inflatables

Unfortantly, we are staying in a caravan and me and ABI HAVE TO SHARE A ROOM!!!! :( :z
So what I'm doing is in the night, I'm going to sleep on the sofa!!!! :O

Whilst we're at Kelling Heath we are going to the near-ny Amazonia zoo (apparantly it's much better than the one in Great Yarmouth)

On the way back from Kelling Heath we're having a surprise- I Hate surprises!
I think it's going to a theme park and meeting one of my friends there! :D

Bye For Now (BFN)

Going on holiday!!!!


Today at 10:00am I am going to Alton Towers with my dad, his girlfriend and my brother Tyler. Today we are just going to travel then spend the night at Premier Inn. We are going to0 spend the daytime there on Friday and Saturday then on Sunday we are coming back home, so we will be at school! I am very excited because me and Tyler have never been to Alton Towers before - this will be our first time. I will blog more about this on Monday - probably after school.


06 June, 2012

Alfie at Mill Lane!

Today and yesterday, me and my Nannie took my cousin's dog for a walk. We went to Mill Lane and walked round by the trees. Alfie, Fabian's dog (my cousin), kept doing a 'paw stand' (A paw stand is just like a hand-stand we do, but he goes on his paws!) 

My Nannie wouldn't take Alfie off his lead because when my Auntie took him off his lead at Fritton Woods, he ran off! Obviously, they found him!

Alfie is a Bijon Frise, so his tail is the shape of a rainbow, but VERY fluffy! 
what i did on the 5th of June:
We were supposed to go swimming the pool that had rapids ,3 slides and so on, when we got to the swimming pool it was shut ! so we went to my local one (in Morley) and it was packed.My dad can't swim so he's got swimming lessons on Wednesdays so he was practcing !
Then we went to the White Rose Shopping centre (where i was going to get a little something) but instead I went into the Orange shop showed dad what phone I wanted for Christmas and he said go and asked the man for this one then... so he bought me it without me knowing ! I was very chuffed !
When I got home I texed Elisha ,my mum and my sister lots of times ! meanwhile I watched telly and then  went to bed early because i was very tired !

also  I cant wait for the summer hols because there is more happening ! (Elisha's posted about this)

05 June, 2012

More about summer hols

I'm now officially more excited for the summer holidays to come as my mum and dad have suggested that me and my friend Emily could go to Alton Towers for a weekend then go down to Bristol and then stay at my aunties house!! Can't wait!!
As well as that going camping at Haven instead of Sheringaham with Emily again..... Gonna be the best summer hols ever :)

04 June, 2012


ok don't want to boast or anything but this is what I did today
watched tv in 3D on my dads telly
went to my Dads girlfriend spent the hole day there watced Marley and me
cooked muffins (which were lovley!)
had a roast dinner
had strawberries and cream
and now watching telling in 3D

Also i'am going camping with elisha ,Dad and dads girlfriend in Sherringham and this camp site has got
indoor swimming pool
outside swimming pool
MASSIVE climbing frame
pizza restraunt
spa with jacuzzi
den making inn the woods
zip wire
and many more CAN'T WAIT my dad had said yes and her dad has said yes eeeeek

Summer hols get here now!!

I am really looking forward to the summer holidays as I'm going camping with my friend -Emily- in Sheringham can't wait!!!

Also I'm really looking forward to going to high school even though I will most probably get lost on the first day and will miss Hillside very much!!

Bye bye for now


People may be disapointed that half-term is nearly over- but I'm not!

On Sunday (a day before we go back to school) me and my sister, mum and dad are dropping the dogs off at the Kennels :( and then going to a hotle- near Gatwick Airport. We are sleepibng there the night as out flight is VERY early in the morning.

Our flight in 6 hours long- as we are going to Cape Verde. On the flight me and my sister are sitting together- i think, which should be interesting! I am bringing my reading book, sweets, pencil case, paper, ipod, phone and LOADS more amusinbg stuf (Have you got any ideas what I should take in my hand lugage)

Where is Cape Verde?
Cape Verde is a hot, relaxing Island in the middle of the sea. Lets imagine Arica and the Carribean/Brazil, it's an Island inbetween those 2 countries- ish.

The hotel that we are going to is very posh, it has NO water slides :( (Disapointing)
But........................ It has these tiny little snails that you go over (I'll post a pic of them) 
There are about 3 pools, one is a kids one. One of the pools has a swim up bar- which me and my sis are both allowed in!
In one swimming pool there are water sun beds- which are sunbeds in shallow water!:-)

Unfortantly, my mum has packed almost ALL of my clothes, so I have harldy any clothes :(

Hopefully, we will meet some people there and NOT  be the only English :Z 

Also, the hotel is all inclusive!! :D. But mum says I'm not allowed some things (Like ice or home-made ice-cream) because their water is different- it can give us tummy upset :'(.

Has any of you got any tips how to make the flight fun?
Please tell me, thanks

The wedding!

The wedding went really well!!

I loved the evening part ecause the had a sweet table with pick "n" mix bags so you could basically have  a free pick "n" mix!

The food was lush. My hair was a ll up but curly at the same time.

The most embarrasing part was when my mum met an old friend and started dancing with him!! :O

Every laughed when, this man offered me a drink (he had filled his coke glass up with  a load of alcohol- which he smuggledd in-  when he bought  my drink came to the table i sniffed it and said "it smells like coke" Everybody laughed, I didn't really see the fuss!!!

I hope you've all had a good time during the weekend

Bye for now

03 June, 2012

Hello, i'am now officaly in Leeds! woop woop my holilday starts here ! I will post each day what I  did.I'am now watching Benidorm well adverts. On my way to sleaford we stopped at a place near Wells and had sandwich and chips so i'am now full up !

Wedding Time! :O

As you may know I am attending a wedding today!!

I am readng a poem at the reception, I am with the bride now (she's very nevous)
We are waiting for the hairdresser to come and she's doing my hair and make-up!

My dress is lush!!

I will post you more later!

02 June, 2012


What are you doing to celebrate the Queen's Jubliee? Are you having a street party, BBQ, watching the celebrations on the television, going to London or spending time with family? I am having a relaxing time as all my children are away with family or friends this weekend, I may sneak a look at the Jubliee concert though. Who will be your favourite performer/ performers?

Disaster at Carrow Road

Well, the season hasn't started yet and disaster has struck already! Paul Lambert has flown the nest to Aston Villa and Grant Holt has reiterated his desire to leave. It looks like next season will be even more difficult than last, but as we say at Carrow Road, On the ball city, never mind the danger.... Here's hoping the board do the right thing and appoint a young, hungry manager with a sense of loyalty who is ready to take us on further. I think Robinson or Hughton would be the best options, Guardiola may be a bit of a long shot...

bored of waiting

i'am a bit bored of waiting to go to Leeds now I just simply can't wait , I can't wait to go back to the house I used to live in (now my dads house) but the only problem is we have to travel a very long way ! its 4 hours (normal) if the traffic is very good 3 hours but if traffic  is bad it could take up to  5 hours! I meet my dad half way at Sleaford , Lincorshire.Then i would get in my dads car and drive up to Leeds.We were planning to go up to Wells then Sleaford but its turentshull rain ! :( This is Why i'am blogging so much because i'am bored of waiting....

I love reading!

I love reading books!! my favourite book is 'A Witch in Winter'! Because i liked the story line and I couldn't stop reading it! My second favourite book is the 'Fallen' series! At the moment I'm reading 'The Hunger Games, Part 1'! It's VERY good so far!


I'm now reading the 2nd book of 'The Hunger Games'! (Catching Fire) .......Really good so far! 


Book review for 'Kisses for Lula' By Samantha Mackintosh

I really enjoyed reading this book because it was funny in parts but it was a little confusing too. I liked the part when the character Tallulah, called T, Tatty or Lula for short, went round her friend's house, Arnold Trenchard 
(called Arns for short) to help him look better and dress better as he wanted to go out with the character Mona  De Souza. I DIDN'T like the part when Lula and her sister Pen were messing about in the bathroom and then Lula saw this BIG black hairy thing crawling on the floor. It was a spider, I thought it was a tarantula.When the old people's home, opposite Lula's house, was on fire I was confused when the people were talking, I didn't know who was talking. But I did really enjoy reading this book.

I give this book 9/10!

Book review for 'Girl Missing' By Sophie Mckenzie

I really enjoyed reading this book because there was a lot going on. The book was about this girl, called Lauren, who wanted to find out who her birth parents were because she was adopted. When Lauren found her birth parents, she had to live with them for a little while. She kept texting her friend, Jam, how miserable she was. I was a little worried when Jam, Lauren and Lauren's sister (Madison) were kidnapped by the character Sonia Holtwood, which kept changing her identity so the when police were trying to find her, they couldn't because they didn't know what she looked like! 

I give this book 10/10!

Book review for 'Fallen' By Lauren Kate

I really enjoyed reading this book because it was scary and fun in parts. It was scary when there was a fire in the school library because the description was so good that I felt like I was there! Another reason why it was scary was because when the character Luce saw ghosts, called announcers, she explained what they looked like, what they were doing and when she saw them. My favourite part was when Luce found out that the character Daniel could live forever but later in the book, she found out that he was an angel. 

I can't wait to read the next series! I give this book 10/10! 

Book review for 'The Hunger Games' By Suzanne Collins

I REALLY enjoyed reading this book because there was a lot happening and in parts, it was funny.  When Primrose’s name was picked out of a big bowl of many others, Katniss, Prim’s sister, volunteered to take her place. When you get chosen, there are always 2 from the same district. In katniss’s District, District 12, a boy called Peeta Mellark was chosen. In training Peeta and Katniss had this man who was an alcoholic and had no faith in him training them at all. Cinna, who was their stylist, created a cape that was on fire. Katniss’s name was then ‘Katniss...The girl who was on fire.’ When every district had an interview, after all their training, in front of all Panem (the city there) Peeta said that he fancied Katniss for the first time. Katniss got really angry with him. In the arena Katniss became really good friends with this girl called Rue. But sadly, she got killed by a boy from District 1. Katniss covered her in flowers and sang to her until she died because they became best friends. When the rules changed that only 2 people can win if they are in the same district, Katniss went to find Peeta. But when she found him, he was very injured. A boy named Cato cut his leg right to the bone. When Katniss and Peeta found a cave to hide in, they kept kissing and hugging each other. Katniss and Peeta had to kill Cato, or he be killed, then they could go home.Katniss killed Cato with her bow and arrow. 

I give this book a BIG 10/10! I can't wait to read the other 2 books!