25 June, 2012


Hello Everyone

Today you may think, why arn't I at school. Well it's because I have just came back from Cape Verde- at 4:00am! (Errrrr..... IF you look at the date, it's the day I published it)

BTW if you don't know where Cape Verde is, it's a little island near the west+south of Africa

I enjoyed my time in Cape Verde- it was very hot (it got over 36 degrees) There were about 7 pools altogther- me and my sister (Abi) went in everyday!

A few days into the holday went went on a trip- 4x4! it was very bumpy as there werent proper roads.

On the 4x4 we wnt all over the places. One of the places was a proper dessert. It had these massive sand mounds and no-one dare to climb up, but being my dad, he did so I copied!!

Then the photo man said jump off and me and my dad we like "NO WAY"  But we did in the end it was soooooooooooo fun! :D

We also went to this beach called Santa Monaca Beach- it was rated top 5 in the world! The waves were really big and a lot of people got dragged under! :O

In the afternoon of the trip, we went to a ship wreck alothough it was quite pants!

Me and my sister met some friends and we asked this little boy if Ic ould bowrow his water gun and he said yes. So I squirted it and this other boy came over and squirted us all so it turned into a massive water fight!
We kept pushing each other in and trying to splash each other..... It was soooooooooo fun- I can't describe how much fun it was!
But of course girls won!!

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  1. Amie & Emeliane High View26 June, 2012 15:10

    Im glad you had a nice holiday!!