17 June, 2012

Saturday the 16th 2012

On Saturday i went to crazy golf with my mum and dad and my dad won but it was soo fun! it went really slow to get round cause of the people in front, i had a turquoise ball my mum had a pink ball and my dad had a yellow ball after that we were going to Zaks but they didn't have any tabels so we went to tides that was REALLY nice then we came home and watched sister act NOT the football my mum is tired of it because its been on so much the really good 1 was the Sweeden- England and me and my brothers watched the Chris Moyles commentery with Dave that was really fun, anyway, what did you do on Saturday? 


  1. Declan work hard play hard blog29 June, 2012 14:39


    I love crazy golf! I really love that you can see were people have been we have won on are blog but its not like that!


  2. Hi May Name Is LEWIS laing