07 June, 2012

Another Holiday

In the summer holidays, my Nanny and Grandad are taking me and my sister- Abi, to Kelling Heath Holiday park.

When we are there we are going to the Big Splash Pool- that had 4 waterslides, 3 swimming pools (a main one, an adults one and a kids one, also one where you land after the slides) , rapids and free inflatables- that you can use. And......... there are hot-tubs! :)

We are staying there for a week.

In Kelling Heath there is a swimming pool, outdoor and indoor!
The outdoor swimming pool, we're going to bring inflatables

Unfortantly, we are staying in a caravan and me and ABI HAVE TO SHARE A ROOM!!!! :( :z
So what I'm doing is in the night, I'm going to sleep on the sofa!!!! :O

Whilst we're at Kelling Heath we are going to the near-ny Amazonia zoo (apparantly it's much better than the one in Great Yarmouth)

On the way back from Kelling Heath we're having a surprise- I Hate surprises!
I think it's going to a theme park and meeting one of my friends there! :D

Bye For Now (BFN)


  1. If you can't read it, I'll change the font.

  2. its a bit like me and elisha's summer holiday...only were camping and going to altorn towers and Bristol lol

  3. ive been to kelling heath before its got a indoor swimming pool out swimming pool hot tub but no rappids .... and a big climbing frame its really fun ! :)

    1. Uh, Mum said t's got rapids! :(