13 June, 2012

Book review for 'Torment' By Lauren Kate

I really enjoyed reading this book because it was scary and funny in parts, just like Fallen (The 1st book of the series). It was about a girl called Luce that went to a school abroad called Shoreline, as she was told to by her angel boyfriend, called Daniel, for safety from the outcasts who wanted to take her with them, but her parents didn`t know that she wasn't at Sword & Cross anymore, her old school, so when it was Thanksgiving, they invited her to go back home but obviously she couldn't. While Luce was at Shoreline, she made lots of friends but the main ones, that were her best friends were Shelby, Miles and Roland. Luce alsosaw her shadows again, called Announcers, but they don't harm people, they give messsages and you can travel through them. Luce was particularly trying to find out her past lives, so she ended up travelling through the Annoncer to Las Vegas with her friends Miles and Shelby, she found her sister there. The part I found funny was when Luce got an e-mail from her parents saying that they dressed their dog up as a turkey for Thanksgiving. In the end, whiles Luce, Callie, Daniel, Molly and Shelby were at Luce's house in Georgia the outcasts found out and brought an army to try take Luce. The ending was just like Fallen because they both ended with a battle!

I liked reading this book a little bit more than Fallen because there was alot more going on! 
I give this book 10/10!  

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