02 June, 2012

Book review for 'Kisses for Lula' By Samantha Mackintosh

I really enjoyed reading this book because it was funny in parts but it was a little confusing too. I liked the part when the character Tallulah, called T, Tatty or Lula for short, went round her friend's house, Arnold Trenchard 
(called Arns for short) to help him look better and dress better as he wanted to go out with the character Mona  De Souza. I DIDN'T like the part when Lula and her sister Pen were messing about in the bathroom and then Lula saw this BIG black hairy thing crawling on the floor. It was a spider, I thought it was a tarantula.When the old people's home, opposite Lula's house, was on fire I was confused when the people were talking, I didn't know who was talking. But I did really enjoy reading this book.

I give this book 9/10!

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