30 April, 2012

I will decide in 7 days what will happen next.
There once were 3 children who lived down Paranormal Lane. Every night at midnight all the children heard crying coming from a gloomy house and the end of the road.On night all the 3 children decided to go into the house.Suddenly the door slammed shut and the children were locked inside.The 3 children heard the screaming and crying again then they went to see where it was coming from.They found were the noise was coming from,opened the door and then thy saw a.....


John Cena def Brock Lesnar
Sheamus def Daniel Bryan ( still world heavyweight champion)
CM Punk def Chris Jericho ( still WWE champion)
Cody Rhodes def big show (new intercontinental champion)
Santino Marrella def the Miz ( still United states champion)
Layla def Nikki Bella ( new divas champion)
Randy Orton def Kane
Ruback def local athletes
Brodus Clay def Dolph Ziggler    

29 April, 2012

Saturday 5 of may
The big Final is coming up Liverpool FC versus Chelsea FC at Wembeley stadium
Suggested squad for Roberto Di matteo:

4-3-3 formation

1. Petr Cech in goal
2. Ashley Cole on left wing back
3. David Luiz in left back
4. Gary Cahill in right back
5. Branislav Ivanovic on right wing back
6. Frank Lampard on attack midfield
7. Juan Mata on left wing
8. Salomon kalou on right wing
9. Fernando Torres on center forward
10. Didier Drogba on Left forward
11.Daniel Sturidge on Right Forward



28 April, 2012

Making cakes!

Hello everyone!
Me and my dad have jjust finished making cakes. They were called chocoalte wooppy cakes! They were chocolate with cream n the middle!!

My mum thought they were REALLY nice!
On the 27th of April I went to go and see Sister Act at Norwich Theatre Royal. It was an amazing performance and i would love to go and see it again. I really enjoyed it and i have got a T-shirt that says sister Act is a divine musical comedy, its true!


I was on Nickelodeon and there was an ICARLY special. so now i'm going to give you a review. I thought it was awesome because it really had the real Michelle Obama husband of the president of the USA Barrack Obama. I thought it was sad, tense and happy. Carly's dad who is in the Special Forces was coming home for his birthday to see Carly and her brother Spencer after 3 years but couldn't make it. so on the web show ICARLY they talk to him via video chat and celebrate his birthday. So then a surprise was waiting for them at Carly's apartment they thought they were wanted. so then they come home again and the first lady Michelle Obama was waiting for them. She wanted to be o ICARLY so they let her. I thought it was one of they best ICARLY specials ever.

Five stars *****        
Andrew is on a tour today around water polo he is sooo tired he sent me pics of the pool it looks great!

27 April, 2012

Appendix surgery

I know all of year 6 have heard about it but o well lets give the people my story. I had my appendix out 8 weeks ago. It left a scar and i was in hospital for 3 days. i went in Saturday night at 8 "O"clock and waited for 2 mins. then i was called into the children ward. the nurse examined me and gave me pain killer. then a doctor examined me. i waited 1 hour and they said i have to stay over night. so i had a drip put in my hand. i waited for the wheel chair guy and i was wheeled to a bed. i had toast with jam and a cup of orange juice. then i waited till morning. i was drugged all night. then i went to have it out. they put a mask on me and i fell asleep. when i woke up i was sore and i needed the toilet. so i had to get up and go.  there were 2 bald heads by my bed it was my dad and uncle Carl. my mum had gone home for a shower she was with me all night. i stayed in hospital for 2 more days and got chocolate as presents. i had visits from Mum, Dad, Uncle Carl, Auntie Liza, Kirstie (sister), Gorgie ( friend of sister) and Nanny. i went home got into bed and was off school for a week. my dog Austin was exited to see me    


I was at my Wrestling club. I had to explain the rules of wrestling to all the newbies. I am the champion and who better to do it than a champion. Also this afternoon i enjoyed bike-it i haven't been on my bike since last year 

26 April, 2012

My Pets

I have a dog called Chardy. She is a really nice dog a is really fast at running. When she runs in the wind you can see her ears flapping in the breeze.It is really cute.I also have nine rabbits, a fish, a guinea pig and a cat called Harry. 
Hi everyone, i have decided to write a story about a little boy that has just out home from school and enters a spooky house behind him.
I have a puppy called Marley.He is going to be 1 years old on the 8th of May.I don't know what to get him.I would really appreciate some ideas because i don`t know what to get him.

Hiya peeps it's Charlotte here on my first blog. Today I'm going to be writing the first chapter of my story called Broken  Dreams so here it is.

Chapter one:

The love for a loved one can control a mind, a body, a soul, even a dignity. But not all people lose the will to live over love that is so powerful. Though that is not the case for this love story, oh no. They do lose the power to live, oh yes. It all starts with a couple from Cambridge going by the name Lizzy and Adam. Oh how they loved each other. Big is too little of a word of how much they cherished each other. In a small flat on an empty street they lived on one bed, a stove, a toilet and a sink which didn't always release clean water let alone water at all. You may think that they are scanky and poor but to them they are normal. No one and nothing can get in the way of this relationship.

Adam, who works for a company that is nearly going bust themselves, got paid extra for the countless amount of hours that he had put into work which he shouldn't have been doing. Adam could just about manage to afford to take Lizzy to a two star hotel to have a middle classed dinner which is exactly what he did. Whilst the waiter was getting the desserts ready Adam got on one knee and proposed to Lizzy who exploded into a river of happy tears. Adam presented her with a plastic ring which he bought from a three year old girl. I didn't tell you about the ring until now because I didn't want to ruin the surprise. I'm sure it was more of a surprise for Lizzy than it was for you though. But did Lizzy say yes to him I hear you question. Of course she did! With such a bond between each other how could she say no.

Read the next chapter on my next blog to find out more.    See you later folks!   


1 The Queen
2 John Cena
3 Hulk Hogan
4 The Rock
5 Daniel Radcliffe
6 David Beckham


Reading Abigail's blog about her brother helping at the Olympics got me thinking. Has anyone got any tickets for any of the Olympics? I applied for the opening ceremony,badminton,hockey and basketball. I was lucky to get three tickets for hockey on 29th July. My daughters and I are very excited about it. We have got to get the coach from Great Yarmouth at 4.30am though! Do you know anyone helping out at the Olympics? Great Yarmouth Swimming Club applied to send a team to help at the aquatics centre; but they were unlucky and were not chosen.


been to the dentist to have a tooth removed. I went in checked in and waited for 2 mins. I went in and laid down in the chair. the Dentist examined the tooth. then he injected my gum it only hurt for 2 secs. then he got some dentist pliers and pulled it out. then i went to see my Auntie Liza with a cotton bud in my mouth  

Practise SAT'S results

I'm sooooo happy!! Today at school, everyone found out their level and the score in maths (Practise SAT's) I got 52, which is a level 4!! I was aiming for a level 4! I'm sooo happy!
Andrew has now left to do his training won't see him for a week!:)
What I'd do with a billion pounds!

With a billion pounds I would.......

  • Pay off my mum's mortgage!
  • Buy a bunny rabbit and it's supplies!
  • Buy my ,18 year old, sister a car!
  • Buy myself an iPad!
  • Buy my dad a guitar (number 8 ish!)! 
  • Give my dad some money!
  • Buy my sister a laptop!
  • Buy my brother a guitar -number 2!
  • Give some money to a photographer so we can have a family photo -for my mum's sake!
  • Go on a huge shopping spree -in London!
So that's what I would do with a billion pounds, but what would you do????????????????
By Cerys Dagg!

Getting a rabbit!

Getting a rabbit!

My mum says I can get a rabbit in the future either when I have saved enough money or when it's my birthday ,which is in November, so I think I'll get one when I've saved up! I'm not to sure about looking after rabbits though so if anyone has a rabbit out there can you give me some feedback about taking care of them. I have had a few books about them but I wasn't sure about the following still:

  • Food!
  • Health Care!
  • Daily Things To Do!
I was going to do a story about pets but now I got no ideas so im going to do something different but its going to be a poem

the jungle

monkeys swing through the trees jumping,climbing  and gliding with glee!
lions proud and strong with their tails thick and long. Their manes broad and fluffed so much that it  would make u go huff

Zebras with their stripes black and white sprinting to get water following their parents
they patiently wait for their food all day and night.

Giraffes with their necks so long eating leaves off   branches at dawn. Their legs are long but thin steadily and gracefully walking in the hot grass.

if you have any other ideas please leave a comment of your ideas

Liverpool vs Chelsea FA cup final

I think Liverpool will win against Chelsea because Liverpool have good team but I think Liverpool's team should be set up like this

  1. Reina should be in goal

  2. Agger(4 Defenders)

  3. Johnson

  4. Aurelio

  5. Carragher

  6. GERRAD!(4 Mid)

  7. Maxi

  8. Lucas

  9. Suarez(3Forwards

  10. Carroll

  11. Kuyt

That was my Liverpool dream team to win against Chelsea.


25 April, 2012

My Brother is a big fan of the Olympics and this year he is taking part in them. His name is Andrew and he is a lifeguard for the water polo, on 26/04/12 he is going away for 7 days for training in London, he is going to be meeting lots of people (Famous) and training with them. 

                         By Abigail Potter 
My Pet Fluffy

One of my pets is called Fluffy.I got him when i was 5.When i was little a white cat attacked him but to my surprise this morning i saw Fluffy(my pet)chasing after it!

Do you know any ways that i could know he`s safe while i`m not here?

The Hunger Games

Last week I read a book called The Hunger Games it was absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend it to people aged 8+. Really good the tiniest bit creepy but apart from that, I would give it a 10/10 and 5stars. However the film is just as good but I will warn I had a headache for around an hour afterwards since it was very close up and a bit blurry (may not happen to everyone) .
Giggly Girls
My name is Abigail P and one of my best friends is called Cerys D and we are called the giggly girls because Mrs Leach our dinner lady saw and heard us giggling and she came up to us and looked at us surprisingly and called us the giggly girls and we laughed at her so much I couldn't breath and we have been called it ever since. Me and Cerys are good friends now and NO ONE can stop us being the giggly girls!!!!

Memories.... Story.

Kelly tripped. She was rolling towards the edge of the cliff, she could see the ocean infront of her! Kelly paniced, there was a shark! She woke up, where was she?
"Hello, hello is anyone there?"
"Kelly, Kelly"
"Who are you? Get away from me!" wailed Kelly
Her mum kept trying although it didn't seem to work. It looked like Kelly had lost her memory! Her mum tried to explain who and the people surronding her was. Kelly then sat up, gave her family and friends a look. They started to smile but some ended in tears.
"How are we then, Sharon" questioned Doctor Smith (Sharon was Kelly's mum)
"Well.. I think she's lost her memory."
"Oh...."  sighed Doctor Smith
"Oh, is there anything you can do, please, please"paniced Sharon.
"What? Tell us do you think this a laughing matter eh?" Sharon angrily shouted.
"Get a phototograph book and try and bring back the memories."
Kellys sister, who was called Molly, sat beside Kelly and tried to hold her hand, Kelly just was confused! Molly got her makeup mirror out, which was covered in this pink powder, and faced it to Kelly then her and them both together. Eventually,  Kelly fiercely slapped her sisters hand away, determined that they weren't related!

What should happen next?
A) she suddenly remembers
B) They find out she's faking it
C) You Choice!!

Hello I am Abbey and this is my first blog.i thought i would try and do a story:
As Oliver and Olivia strolled through the door they heard a ear piercing screech coming from the lounge.So they ran as fast as their legs would carry them to  the front room when to their amazement they saw their innocent mum and dad sitting on the creme sofa saying "Why do you two look so panicked?" So they both explained what they  had heard then their mum and dad explained "we have exiting news to tell you....................................."
To be continued ...............

A) go on a mysterious holiday
B) get a puppy
C) go to a toy factory

Please comment as i don`t know which one to do!

Film review: Battleships

Hello, this is my film review of Battleships!

I would rate this film 10 out of 10! :)

The age for this film is a 12A

First of all, the film was exciting and I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. It was about the U.S Navy and the Japanese Navy trying fight these aliens, when they were trying to fight them it was really good because when they tried to shoot, they ailens built these things (they looked like wheels) that blew their ships off. But the aliens weren't like cartoon. It was also quite funny in some parts! 
This film has Rhianna in it although she didn't have a main part, but she was quite a good actor. 

 hi im wondering what I should use for crabbing this weekend  comment what I should use!

A. tuna
B. bacon (old)
C. chicken

soon i will be doing a story about what happens to your pets when you drift in to bed...   so keep checking for new post :)
hi im george and my favourtie game track and field
I want some other people online to decide what genre it should be.
hi im Geroge and i love choclate and jelly beans and sugar
ive decided to try and make a story but not sure what genre yet

My First Blog

First blog no ideas for this blog might post some videos later in the week not sure just leave and tell me what you up to

see you later


Chelsea beat Barcelona 1-0 at Stamford bridge and drew 2-2 at Camp new
Chelsea won 3-2 on aggeragate

Tayler, Callum & Kevin's Story

Hi, we decided to create a blog, a story, so to view it all you have to do is go to the first chapter :)

23 April, 2012

One small step, one giant leap


Thanks for taking the time to explore our blog. This is our first leap into the world of blogging and we hope that it is something that can really take off.

As a teacher I am always looking for new ways to inspire my children and hope that alongside their new Google Apps for Education accounts, blogging can be a new experience that enriches their learning. My goal is to get my class writing and help them to not only be inspired, but to inspire others. I am amazed by their ideas and thoughts, knowledge and understanding every day and want them to share this with the world.

We welcome comments, advice and criticism in equal measure so have at it!

Enjoy the future,

Mr Loome

21 April, 2012

Blog and comment

Welcome to the the new blog set up for my class. We are a class of year 6 children from Great Yarmouth and new to blogging.

Please make sure that any blogs or comments that are left follow these rules:

  • They must have a point. Don't post things such as 
    • Is anyone there?
    • Who is going to the park?
These are things best left off a blog.

  • Be kind. All comments and posts are written to give an idea, point of view, opinion and so therefore are important to the poster. By all means comment and post but make sure that anything you post is constructive.
Use the blog to

  • Tell us what is important to you.
  • Tell us what you think.
  • Tell us a story
  • Tell us you ideas, opinions, thoughts
Comment to
  • Give an opinion
  • Agree or disagree
  • Help others improve their work/writing
Have fun and be creative!
I will be moderating the blog but I will not be correcting spelling, punctuation and grammar. 

The first blog

The first blog is always a test