26 April, 2012

What I'd do with a billion pounds!

With a billion pounds I would.......

  • Pay off my mum's mortgage!
  • Buy a bunny rabbit and it's supplies!
  • Buy my ,18 year old, sister a car!
  • Buy myself an iPad!
  • Buy my dad a guitar (number 8 ish!)! 
  • Give my dad some money!
  • Buy my sister a laptop!
  • Buy my brother a guitar -number 2!
  • Give some money to a photographer so we can have a family photo -for my mum's sake!
  • Go on a huge shopping spree -in London!
So that's what I would do with a billion pounds, but what would you do????????????????
By Cerys Dagg!


  1. very generous of you Cerys, spending money on other people!

  2. that's really nice love to go on a shopping spree in london with giggly girl number 2!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lol, that would be well cool giggly girl number 1!!!!!!!!!!