25 April, 2012

Memories.... Story.

Kelly tripped. She was rolling towards the edge of the cliff, she could see the ocean infront of her! Kelly paniced, there was a shark! She woke up, where was she?
"Hello, hello is anyone there?"
"Kelly, Kelly"
"Who are you? Get away from me!" wailed Kelly
Her mum kept trying although it didn't seem to work. It looked like Kelly had lost her memory! Her mum tried to explain who and the people surronding her was. Kelly then sat up, gave her family and friends a look. They started to smile but some ended in tears.
"How are we then, Sharon" questioned Doctor Smith (Sharon was Kelly's mum)
"Well.. I think she's lost her memory."
"Oh...."  sighed Doctor Smith
"Oh, is there anything you can do, please, please"paniced Sharon.
"What? Tell us do you think this a laughing matter eh?" Sharon angrily shouted.
"Get a phototograph book and try and bring back the memories."
Kellys sister, who was called Molly, sat beside Kelly and tried to hold her hand, Kelly just was confused! Molly got her makeup mirror out, which was covered in this pink powder, and faced it to Kelly then her and them both together. Eventually,  Kelly fiercely slapped her sisters hand away, determined that they weren't related!

What should happen next?
A) she suddenly remembers
B) They find out she's faking it
C) You Choice!!


  1. please comment on what should happen next!


  2. i think you should do B)They find out she`s faking!
    Good luck

  3. I would like to see Kelly get the memories of someone else, like The Queen, that could be quite funny. I like your story, although I was a little confused who Sharon was at first. I am looking forward to the next instalment.

    Some pupils in my class have started stories like this and used an embedded google form in their post, they got a lot more people choosing one of their options. They only had a few comments but 20 people submitted an option. You might get a few more responses if you try it. I'm sure Mr Loome could show you how to do it

  4. what a good idea. I am going to get Mr Loome to tell me how to het a form!

    Thankyou for commenting!

  5. thankyou everyone for commenting!

    I will wait until we have some more votes in and then i will write the second chapter!!

    Fell free to give any advise about how i could improve it!


  6. I've done the google form!!