21 April, 2012

Blog and comment

Welcome to the the new blog set up for my class. We are a class of year 6 children from Great Yarmouth and new to blogging.

Please make sure that any blogs or comments that are left follow these rules:

  • They must have a point. Don't post things such as 
    • Is anyone there?
    • Who is going to the park?
These are things best left off a blog.

  • Be kind. All comments and posts are written to give an idea, point of view, opinion and so therefore are important to the poster. By all means comment and post but make sure that anything you post is constructive.
Use the blog to

  • Tell us what is important to you.
  • Tell us what you think.
  • Tell us a story
  • Tell us you ideas, opinions, thoughts
Comment to
  • Give an opinion
  • Agree or disagree
  • Help others improve their work/writing
Have fun and be creative!
I will be moderating the blog but I will not be correcting spelling, punctuation and grammar. 


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  2. hello, i am thinkking of writitng a blog but i dont konw what to write it about.

    I was thinking of a story but once again i dont know what it should be about!! :/

    Please could you give me some ideas