15 June, 2012

A nightmare to remember

I decided to write because I couldn't think what to blog about!

A nightmare to remember!

She stopped. She stared. She sprinted for her life, behind Polly was a giant squid. As she ran, she felt a cold, wet tentacle clutch her leg. There was no escape, it had caught her! "Polly?" called her mother. "Are you alright?" It was a nightmare, at least she thought it was. She peeped out of her window and saw the big, bright moon staring at her as its light beamed in front of her very eyes. Underneath the bright moon, was a little black cat passing her garden fence. She knew the squid fantasy was a dream, but for now it was back to reality. After the nightmare her sweet mother comforted her then sent her back to sleep.

"Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep" the alarm clock irritatingly screeched -always been the annoying one! With great effort, Polly clambered out of bed to get ready for school. As she went through the events of her getting ready for school routine, she couldn't stop thinking of why she unexpectedly started having these sorts of  nightmares. Where did they come from? Ignoring everything about her nightmare, she left her house (which Polly thought of as beautiful) and strolled to school -as normal.

What should happen next:

She sees the squid she saw in her nightmare?
She meets her friend and finds out she had the same nightmare?
Her school is attacked by giant squids?



  1. What a wonderful start! I think that she should meet her friend who has had the same dream.

  2. I love this story start - and I would choose the second option - a shared nightmare. That would be weird!!! You have built the tension well - remember to slow it down so you do not rush from one event to another too quickly. Keep on writing!

  3. I think the 1st 1 that would be strange! well done for the famous writer commenting on your blog!