14 June, 2012

Cat in the hat review

Cat in the hat is about two children left with a babysitter. Then a cat comes in butnot the sort of cats you'd have as a pet. The mother is having a party later on and if her house isn't clean and her kids ar naughty shes fierd from her job because its a company party. The cat and the kids do all sorts of stuff like cooking and sofa jumping. But at the end there was a twist but i won't spoil it. This film had Mike Myers as one of the main actors and he is really funny. 

I'd give it 5 stars *****
and a 10/10


  1. shelley and charlotte14 June, 2012 10:43

    hello we are shelley and charlotte from high view plc .we would just like to ask do you like it at your school ?