11 June, 2012

My rabbit eats me

My rabbit eats me!

My rabbit is ALWAYS hungry so I have to feed him LOADS. When I first got him the first thing he did wasn't hide, or hop around getting used to his new home, it was eat! I get him out in a box and sit in the box with him as it is huge! Unfortunately, if I haven't fed him in about an hour or so he starts to nibble on my clothes which are most of the time quite thin and my rabbit has sharp teeth............ it isn't that nice! But it's a good thing he's so adorable because that makes me not care if he accidentally bites me! He eats so much but he doesn't seem to be getting fatter! He's growing but not really getting fatter.
He's probably going to become my little chub chub though........... sooner or later!


  1. I went in that bow too and he was eating my trousers but he is sooo CUTE i learnt how to pick little Harley up!!!!Harley is rabbit!

  2. Did you mean box?