12 June, 2012

Massive nose bleed

On Saturday 9th  June I was on the trampoline with me, my friend Kerris and my brother Louis we put all the footballs on the trampoline and I shouted DODGE BALL so I throw the ball at Kerris and it hit the ball and he throw one at me it hit my nose and it started bleeding I went on the patio and just let it bleed.Kerris came out with the hole toilet role I put it under my nose then I went to the toilet and Kerris said snot it out then he said its a joke so I did it any way and there was this massive thick dark red blood it looked like some of my brain after 10min it stopped and we went back on the trampoline and we had a big play fight Louis jumped on me and he lightly hit my nose with his foot and it all started again so Kerris got the hole toilet role again but we didn't use that much as last time and not that big as last time.