31 May, 2012

My top 10 favourite things to do

10 : king of the hill

9 : manhunt

8 : playing on my iPod

7 : watching t.v

6 : playing on my Xbox 360

5 : playing on my ipad

4 : mucking about with my mates at lunchtime at school

3 : P.E at school

2 : going to a skate park

1 : playing out with Elisha,Elliot Allen , Elliot duffield,Toby and George

Thanks for reading my top ten favourite things to do :)

The BFG - mini blurb

Here is a short blurb of Roald Dahl's "The BFG"

Sophie lives in an orphanage. One night she couln't get to sleep so she looks out of her little window to get some fresh air. But something is there! Something very tall. It's snatches her out of bed and takes her back home. Can Sophie rescue the country free of man - eating giants?

My Hamster

2 days after my birthday I got my first hamster, whose is Munchkin, from Pets at home.

He is a boy and has a giant home which we call "Munchkin Palace".


Munchkin is orange with white patches and he has extremely sharp teeth. Eventually, we taught him not to bite, as he was doing it all the time, and now he never bites at all.


Being nocturnal - munchkin comes out around 7:00pm, although sometimes he comes out 30 minutes earlier. 

By this time, me and my brother play with him for 30mins - 1 hour. 


So, there is my blog all about my hamster - Munchkin.

30 May, 2012

Top 5 people i want to visit the blog

Top 5 people i want to visit the blog:

the queen

presidant obama

Lionel Messi

Toby Flood

Harry Hill

wow ! this blog is amazing and I read the blogs (which are also amazing ) I go on it every day and theres always a blog from another person there !

me and jack brought a water pistol and then me and jack had a water balloon fight on  and soaked us and my dad


The Queen's Diamond Jubilee is just around the corner and we are celebrating 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II's reign.

God save our gracious Queen
Long live our noble Queen
God save the Queen
Send her victorious
Happy and glorious
Long to reign over us
God save the Queen

Book review: Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is a fantastic story!
In some parts it was quite disgusting. I would rate this book a 10+ because some parts were quite confusing!

This book was a tragic love story!

5/5 stars!

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29 May, 2012

The Normandy Landings

The following Audioboos give a little insight into the experiences of Sergeant Neville Howe, a soldier in World War II. 
listen to ‘Sergeant Neville landings’ on Audioboo

Colchester zoo

I CAN'T WAIT! till this weekend/week me and my family and Elisha are thinking of going to Colchester zoo !!!!!!!! I have never been before and its a popular zoo so i'am really excited! But my mum said only if the weathers nice so fingers crossed !

27 May, 2012

WEATHER!!!!! :)

I have enjoyed this luxury weather this week!!!

Sunday was soooooo hot, I couldn't believe it! But the sad thing is my dad got burnt! :(
Luckily, I didn't! :D

We had a BBQ as it was that hot and we went to Norwich (dress shopping) but we couldn't stay any longer as it was too hot!!

I hope you've all enjoyed this marvellous weather

Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, I found out that I will be going to a wedding next week end.

At the wedding I am not a brides maid but I have to read this poem thing! We went dress shopping on Saturday and bought this REALLY nice dress, that the bride wanted me to wear!

On the wedding day I'm have all my hair done and some makeup done! I just can't wait!!!!

I may post some photos of the dress in! :)

Busy, busy, busy!

 On Thursday I went to my local park (Mill Lane) and lots and lots of year sixes were there. We had so much fun and 2 boys invented this thing called the "death challenge"

On friday I went round my friend Ambers and we had so much fun!

On Saturday we had a family BBQ and we had such a laugh!

On Sunday I went to Snetterton (to watch them motor bikes) it was okay. I just enjoyed the weather. Me and mum were sun baving, apparantly I have got some colour on my face! :)

I enjoyed these certain days,mostly i enjoyed the weather!!!

Also I can't wait until Thursday as me and my sister are going round my friend Ambers for tea and then going to the School Disco (Diamond Jubilee Disco)

And on Friday our school is having a Diamond Jubilee Street Party on the school playground! We've been making cakes all week. We have also been making place mats and posters! I thought my place mat was alright, it took ages to do althoough it was quite fun!

What have you been up to recently?

i'am going to a BBQ today,it is really hot so me and my family are making the most of it. My mums friends have got one of those blow up swimming pool and they have sprinkerls !!!  that are freezing

26 May, 2012

Me and Mollie went to Mill lane park the other day and when we got there nearlly all the girls in year 6 was there we had lots of fun, George and Harry invented a "death challenge" we had to lie under the swing and he would throw the swing up and when it came down it looked as if it was going to fall on you but it didn't because it was on the metal lines so we where safe it was really scarey though! it was very HOT!

24 May, 2012

We are Quadbloggers! Next week we jump into the world of quadblogging with 3 other UK schools. I can't wait!

23 May, 2012

going to see the avengers

Going to see the avengers tomorrow so excited! watching it with my best friend Lewis i hope its going to be really good because i'm watching it in 3D at the Norwich cinema i hope its good and not really bad because it cost enough.  

its to hot!

Its the 23rd of may 2012 and its boiling hot! all iv'e been doing is relaxing in front of the fan in my front room
and having alot of water to try get cool and my dog is afraid of the fan so he don't like sitting in front of it so hes
really really hot.

22 May, 2012

George announces the Atomic Bomb

On the 1st of June I am going on holiday to Cornwall. I can't wait. I am so excited and I am missing a day of school because it is cheaper to go Friday to Friday.

                                                               I CAN'T WAIT!!!

21 May, 2012

WWII presentations

Well done to you all on your WWII presentations. A plethora of information on various aspects of the war.I know I learnt from them I hope some of you did as well. The Enigma info was very well presented a model with rotating cogs or is it clogs and a Presi. I was amazed to hear George's voice in one presentation as he wasn't at school today! Lots of topics were covered; concentration camps, dogs in war, make do and mend, Land girls, the French resistance and air raids to name a few.Kyle's French accent was convincingly good. We even had an appearance from Anne Frank's ghost! What new fact did you learn today? I think my favourite new fact was that the resistance hid explosives in cow pats!

Minecraft for x-box 360.

This is one for all of you gamers out there.
I got minecraft on my Xbox about two days ago and it is really good youcan make crafting tables and beds but the only problem is you need Xbox live and it's 1600 Microsoft points I've got the full but the demo is free but it's a great game either way just like on the laptop but you don't need an account.
I might put on some pics in a new blog later but bye bye for now.

Review about the film Pirates in an adventure with scientists:

On the 20th of May I went with my mum and sister to see Pirates in an adventure with scientsits at the cinema. It was so amazing and funny. It was about a pirate who enters a competition to find the Pirate of the year. Eventually he wins the competition by finding a long lost Dodo bird. I would love to see it again.

17 May, 2012

Bye-bye SATs

Just a quick blog to say how proud I am of all of my class for doing such a great job this week. It has been a stressful week but they have been fantastic and mature to the end. Well done guys, I'm very proud of you all.

Chapter 3

Hiya peeps it Charlotte here writing the 3rd chapter of my story , Broken Dreams. REMEMBER IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE OTHER TWO CHAPTERS PLEASE DO!

Chapter 3:

Looking over at the bed next to her, Lizzie could see and hear the life support monitor connected up to her beloved fiance', Adam. As she looked away, she could hear his heart ...thump...thump.......thump..........thump.......................thump........................................................
Nurses came rushing into the room, but there was nothing they could do. They switched all the machines off (including the life support) and put a white blanket over his head. Once they had gone, a strange man walked in. He whispered to heartbroken Lizzie,"There is something you could do so you could be with Adam again," he got quieter,"just ssssppspspsspspspspsspspspps."
All of a sudden Lizzie sat up (as if brain washed) and got out of her hospital bed, not in any condition to do so though.
She opened the window, said her goodbyes to Adam and climbed out of it, into the dark night.

Code Breaking - The Enigma

16 May, 2012


Suddenly Lauren, the unexpected guest, hopped along the corridor of st Mary's school. People say that it's haunted but Lauren didn't believe in that stuff. Lauren had no friends, she was a lonely school girl who was always at the back of the class room. She wasn't very clever either. Lauren had no hope at all ! But she couldn't help it, it was just her.Lauren was a Gothic kind of girl, her face was as white as an unscented  snowdrop and had hair as black as a bats wing!She opened the class door when suddenly . . .             What do you think should happen next ?

15 May, 2012

Vera Lynn Puppet Show by Charlotte and Elisha

Memories............ Chapter 2

Everyone kept on trying and trying to get Kelly to remember who she was, but it just didn't seem to work.

A few days later, Kelly's family was walking to Kelly's ward. Just as that moment they saw Doctor Smith and Kelly chatting.
"Keep it up Kelly, you'll be out of here soon and ready to live with me!"
"I just can't wait!" partied Kelly.
Concurrently Kelly's mum rushed to the toilets and her sister stood there, still and blank. Everyone felt like their heads were spinning round. When Sharon had got back (from crying) they decided that Kellys nanny was going to stay with her- Peggy.
Whilst this, Doctor Smith realised the time and they both (Kelly and Doc. Smith) made a bolt for it!
Meanwhile, Kelly's mum drove home in shock, wondering what was going to happen. Kellly's sister was the same. Kelly's mum stopped. Braked sharpily. And crashed! Sharon had crashed into a lorry (full of fuel!)

What should happen next?

Chapter 2 of The Girl Who Never Returned!

After coming back from the doctors me and my family had a discussion on what we should do with my sister. So we had alot of ideas and we came up with putting Kayleigh in a Mental Hospital. So we did.
The mental Hospital- which had alot of people that have gone mental in it- had a very funny smell going around. I found out that the smell was a little girl that was eating mouldy soup. th soup was horrible cream and mushroom.

We went to the office and checked Kayleigh in. We all felt really bad about doing it and I was crying for days, but it was the right thing to do. Whenever I closed my eyes all Icould see was kayleigh.The strange thing aboutit was that the rest of my family ( grand parents and other relatives) didn't even bother to come and visit her.

                                                 To be continued...

14 May, 2012

The Girl Who Never Returned!

I looked. I stared around the corner and no one was there. On the 18th of november me and my family decided to go camping in the woods for two weeks. We packed all of are things and were ready to go. When we arrived my dad started to put up the tent. For no aparent reason my sister started to scream!

The next day we took my sister ( kayleigh ) to go and see the doctor. The doctor did not know what was wrong with her and neither did we. We were thinking and thinking until my dad came up with a solution.
"She might of seen something in the woods" requested my dad. Kayleigh had a vision! She saw into the future. According to Kayleigh my future contains happiness and joy, but in my mums fufture something terrible is going to happen.


Last Thursday, 10th April 2012, I saw battleships in Hollywood studios in Great Yarmouth it was a amazing film from start to finish. I like the part the retired soilder attacked the alien, but got taken down then the scientist got his suitcase and starting hitting the alien repeatedly on the head

543 people

543 people have viewed are blog. i looked at the amounts of visitors and added them up to get 543. lets see if we can double it  

08 May, 2012

I saw the Avengers on Monday the 7th and it was breath taking, at the start when the Averts came on I was talking to Andrew and suddenly they came on it mad me super jump Hulk was scary and very loud iron man was so funny and brave, you need to see the film Captain America cause that was amazing and he was on the film to. I rate this film 10 out of 10. see in 3d awesome & imax!!!!!
Andrew is back and is very tired, he had a great time. His room up in London was very boring and he had a bunk bed and he was scared in case he fell off  but he didn't. Andrew's outfit looks amazing he jumped in the pool he screamed but he made it sound fun!! i will tell you more later......

The Punctuation Rap

07 May, 2012

Chapter 2

They see a monster.The children ask the monster why he was crying,he said that everyone hated him since he previously was very evil.The children said it doesn`t matter what other people think.Suddenly,the monster grew giant and wrecked the city.

05 May, 2012

Men In Black 3

May the 29th 2012

The men in black films are awsome, therefore the third should be epic
The men in black films are awsome, therefore the third should be epic

04 May, 2012

Funny duck scream!

03 May, 2012

Our WWII rationing broadcasts

Today we imagined what may have been broadcasted on the 'wireless' to inform the population about rationing. We scripted and recorded our own broadcasts and tried our hardest to adopt 1940s accents and pronunciation! Have a listen and leave a comment!

02 May, 2012

Book vote

Choreography competition!

Me and my friend Mollie.T entered a choreography competition (we made up our own dance) and it was on a Sunday morning. They were picking names out of a pot to see who would go next and they kept pulling the names out and it was so cold that we just wanted to get up and do our dance but guess who was picked out last? yep me and Mollie! There was 13 competitors and 3 of them were in the grade above us and the rest were in the same grade, but out of 13 me and Mollie came joint 3rd, which I think is quite good! after that we just forgot all about it until..... we found out we had to perform it on the 25th of April at a college but only in front of some people's family! My friend Sidony also did two dances in it and there were quite a few more people doing it! Me and my friend had fun and that was the important thing, we were laughing in the audience at a few points and I honestly can't remember why! But it was great!

01 May, 2012

Miss Fox's thoughts on the Sport Relief Mile

Have a listen to Miss Fox's thoughts on running the Sport Relief Mile. She had never run a mile before! http://audioboo.fm/boos/724537-miss-fox-mile

Punctuation Rhyme Morgan and Charlotte

dashes used for interruption -
brackets are called for extra words ( )
commas in a clause for extra blurs ,
colons are cool and semis too     :
use them in a list for shopping wahoooo ;
ellipses go dot dot dot            .....
but full stops are just really a spot .

Morgan and Charlotte


 1. What came first the chicken or the egg
 i think the chicken because something would have evolved into the chicken

 2. What is the meaning of life
      Life has no meaning

 3. Is it possible to learn nothing
     No because if your messing about your learning how to mess about

 4. What is life
      One big social battlefeild  

The next chapter of my story

Chapter 2:

Pitch black, very dim head lights and no phone, Lizzie and Adam drove along the motorway out of Cambridge when two cars were racing across and over the lanes. To protect Lizzie, Adam pulled over to the side of the motorway by a cliff, 36 metres to be precise. Not the best place to rest while this was going on in my opinion. The cars, driven by the crazy drunk men, became more violent. So much that the yellow car was sent flying through the air, all because of the blue car, and knocked Lizzie and Adam off the cliff, going down, down, down, down. Shortly followed by the yellow car which landed on top of them.

.................Wait! An ambulance! Lizzie could just make out the sound of its siren as she finally came to.
.................Hang on! A fire-engine too! They pulled her out and carefully strapped this heart broken female to a stretcher and wheeled it into the ambulance.
.................Where is Adam? Where am I? These were the questions she repeated over and over in her head when she woke up again. Question two was ticked, but not one. Where was Adam? How was he? Well, he was in the very same hospital, the very same ward and under the care of  the same doctors. But how Adam claimed to be was a very different matter. Laying in a coma, on a strange bed, Adam lay in a critical position. Life support was the only way he would stay alive.

If you haven't read chapter one make sure you do. That's all from me (Charlotte) for now folks. Goodbye!