15 May, 2012

Memories............ Chapter 2

Everyone kept on trying and trying to get Kelly to remember who she was, but it just didn't seem to work.

A few days later, Kelly's family was walking to Kelly's ward. Just as that moment they saw Doctor Smith and Kelly chatting.
"Keep it up Kelly, you'll be out of here soon and ready to live with me!"
"I just can't wait!" partied Kelly.
Concurrently Kelly's mum rushed to the toilets and her sister stood there, still and blank. Everyone felt like their heads were spinning round. When Sharon had got back (from crying) they decided that Kellys nanny was going to stay with her- Peggy.
Whilst this, Doctor Smith realised the time and they both (Kelly and Doc. Smith) made a bolt for it!
Meanwhile, Kelly's mum drove home in shock, wondering what was going to happen. Kellly's sister was the same. Kelly's mum stopped. Braked sharpily. And crashed! Sharon had crashed into a lorry (full of fuel!)

What should happen next?

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