27 May, 2012

Busy, busy, busy!

 On Thursday I went to my local park (Mill Lane) and lots and lots of year sixes were there. We had so much fun and 2 boys invented this thing called the "death challenge"

On friday I went round my friend Ambers and we had so much fun!

On Saturday we had a family BBQ and we had such a laugh!

On Sunday I went to Snetterton (to watch them motor bikes) it was okay. I just enjoyed the weather. Me and mum were sun baving, apparantly I have got some colour on my face! :)

I enjoyed these certain days,mostly i enjoyed the weather!!!

Also I can't wait until Thursday as me and my sister are going round my friend Ambers for tea and then going to the School Disco (Diamond Jubilee Disco)

And on Friday our school is having a Diamond Jubilee Street Party on the school playground! We've been making cakes all week. We have also been making place mats and posters! I thought my place mat was alright, it took ages to do althoough it was quite fun!

What have you been up to recently?

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