02 May, 2012

Choreography competition!

Me and my friend Mollie.T entered a choreography competition (we made up our own dance) and it was on a Sunday morning. They were picking names out of a pot to see who would go next and they kept pulling the names out and it was so cold that we just wanted to get up and do our dance but guess who was picked out last? yep me and Mollie! There was 13 competitors and 3 of them were in the grade above us and the rest were in the same grade, but out of 13 me and Mollie came joint 3rd, which I think is quite good! after that we just forgot all about it until..... we found out we had to perform it on the 25th of April at a college but only in front of some people's family! My friend Sidony also did two dances in it and there were quite a few more people doing it! Me and my friend had fun and that was the important thing, we were laughing in the audience at a few points and I honestly can't remember why! But it was great!

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