15 May, 2012

Chapter 2 of The Girl Who Never Returned!

After coming back from the doctors me and my family had a discussion on what we should do with my sister. So we had alot of ideas and we came up with putting Kayleigh in a Mental Hospital. So we did.
The mental Hospital- which had alot of people that have gone mental in it- had a very funny smell going around. I found out that the smell was a little girl that was eating mouldy soup. th soup was horrible cream and mushroom.

We went to the office and checked Kayleigh in. We all felt really bad about doing it and I was crying for days, but it was the right thing to do. Whenever I closed my eyes all Icould see was kayleigh.The strange thing aboutit was that the rest of my family ( grand parents and other relatives) didn't even bother to come and visit her.

                                                 To be continued...

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  1. There are some typing errors on there and chapter 1 :)