03 May, 2012

Our WWII rationing broadcasts

Today we imagined what may have been broadcasted on the 'wireless' to inform the population about rationing. We scripted and recorded our own broadcasts and tried our hardest to adopt 1940s accents and pronunciation! Have a listen and leave a comment!


  1. I loved listening to all of these clips. They are fantastic! The accents sounded very convincing. Clear information performed to a very high level. I am very proud of you all!

  2. Hello Year 6
    Your recordings sound very professional! I really enjoyed your 1940's accents, I almost thought I had travelled back in time!
    I am very glad we do not have rationing here now.
    Mrs Moore
    CAPCreateMe project Manager
    NSW Australia

  3. Excellent ! Lots of clearly given information delivered in a very concise way , you should all be very proud x

  4. I just want to say that i worked in Beth, Morgan and Olivia's group to but my name wouldn't fit on!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mrs. Simpson said i sounded like Margret Thatcher

  6. I love Beth's accent it was so much like 1940 !!!;)