29 May, 2012

The Normandy Landings

The following Audioboos give a little insight into the experiences of Sergeant Neville Howe, a soldier in World War II. 
listen to ‘Sergeant Neville landings’ on Audioboo


  1. A truly inspiring afternoon. I'm sure the children gained so much listening to the veterans and wil never forget the afternoon. Well done Mr L and Mrs P for organising it.

  2. A great afternoon enjoyed by the pupils and visitors . Some remarkable and inspiring tales to remember for ever. Well done everyone x

  3. A wonderful afternoon enjoyed by both pupils and visitors . Some truly remarkable and thought provoking tales. Well done everyone involved x

  4. Sounds like an amazing experience to speak to a World War 2 veteran first hand. Year 6 were also had the opportunity to speak to those who had experienced the horrors war. You can see some of the photos on our schools website: