17 June, 2012

My Weekend:


Came home from school and finished ''cardboard homework'' off then I had tea (pasta) then I carried on finishing cardboard homework off. My parents then came to bed I still carried on finishing my cardboard homework off.


My parents were decorrating the living room ,whilst I were watching TV and reading a magzine then I had a phone call off elisha saying do you want to sleep round mine. I said yes.


When I went round elisha's at 1:15 we chatted for a bit then we went out to Acle and had dinner in a pub  there. I wasnt very hungry as I only had my dinner before I went to Elisha's but I had a small portion of chicken balls which were spose to be chicken wings,chips and baked beans.Elisha had beef burger ,chips and peas.Then we went back to elisha's house and went to town to get her dad a fathers day card .I had two pounds on me and there was a boofle card saying friend on it so I decied i was going to buy it for elisha but I left my two pounds back at her house.Then we went in new look we looked round and then we got a bit bored so we were playing hide and seek it were soooo funny !!!!!!! When we went home we chatted for a bit then we had a tickle fight then we had a ''touch the floor fight'' Elisha must of won 20 times but the time we stopped I was hungry so she said if you make me touch the floor we will go down and ask for food.I won.So we went downstairs and ordered pizza hut.During eating out pizza we watched the film,Bridesmaids which were soooo good and funny !!!! We went to bed after Bridesmaids and watched a bit of TV.Elisha dozed off so I dozed off too ! we were asleep by midnight.


In the moring I didnt know what time my mum was picking me up until 25 mins to 10 she said were picking you up at 10 so we had to quickly eat our breakfast and had two slurps of tea.When my mum picked me up we went to a carboot and my mum got a bike there.After the carboot we went to matress man and spent a very long time there ,so long that I went on a memroy phone matress and acttietndently went to sleep ! After matress man we went home and had a family bike ride ! All i'am ready now is a roast dinner!


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