27 April, 2012

Appendix surgery

I know all of year 6 have heard about it but o well lets give the people my story. I had my appendix out 8 weeks ago. It left a scar and i was in hospital for 3 days. i went in Saturday night at 8 "O"clock and waited for 2 mins. then i was called into the children ward. the nurse examined me and gave me pain killer. then a doctor examined me. i waited 1 hour and they said i have to stay over night. so i had a drip put in my hand. i waited for the wheel chair guy and i was wheeled to a bed. i had toast with jam and a cup of orange juice. then i waited till morning. i was drugged all night. then i went to have it out. they put a mask on me and i fell asleep. when i woke up i was sore and i needed the toilet. so i had to get up and go.  there were 2 bald heads by my bed it was my dad and uncle Carl. my mum had gone home for a shower she was with me all night. i stayed in hospital for 2 more days and got chocolate as presents. i had visits from Mum, Dad, Uncle Carl, Auntie Liza, Kirstie (sister), Gorgie ( friend of sister) and Nanny. i went home got into bed and was off school for a week. my dog Austin was exited to see me    


  1. Ahhh i would hate to have that done your poor mum i bet she was tired!

  2. my mum wasn't tierd she slept on a bed next to mine