22 July, 2012

First day of Hillside +

Hillside! :)

Because my mum does scrapbooks, I looked through one that was about me and my experiences and came across a page. Of my first day at Hillside! I had a big grin that stretched across my face as I was so excited! Book-bag in hand, I was ready to start school, at least I thought I was. I got there and my mum gave me a big hug goodbye (apparently). I read on! I couldn't let go and started crying because I didn't want to leave my mum........ Now I've cried because I didn't want to leave Hillside. Anyway, Because I was crying I wouldn't come in the classroom so Mrs Parrot had to carry me in! I carried on with the day and probably made new friends that first day! According to the book mum brought me home and this was the following conversation!
Mum: How do you feel about your new school?
Me: Happy!
Mum: Anything else?
Me: It was fun, but I didn't like sitting with my legs crossed on the carpet because it maked me tired!            I can't believe now that I used to speak a bit like that!
I want to thank you Hillside and the staff for making some great memories that will stay in my heart forever. Probably! I'm kidding, or am I.............!

By: Cerys  


  1. Wonderful blog Cerys, well done to mum for keeping such a wonderful sounding scrap book! I will have to do that for Freddie