08 July, 2012

My Weekend :)


On Friday I came home from school and watched T.V until 10 o clock.


We went to the furniture store and sorted out the problems with the wadrobes in my mums room.Then we went to the gardern cenre where we got a hat a Straw hat (dot't no why) and a mini scarow.Then we went home and I wrote a story all after noon so far i have wrove 2327 words and ten pages ! Then we had dinner.After Dinner me and my mum was randomly dancing in the kitched to the radio for about half an hour !Then i went to bed and watched Telly


In the morning I went on the laptop whilst my mum was talking to her friend for 1 hr and 35 mins :O Then we had to get ready for a Christning.When we got to the church they christed the baby then we went to the pub and had some food and 2 cupcakes ! We came back home and I watched tv in my room and there was nothing on so I watched Tennis and Andy Murray lost ! So then i went downstairs and wrote this blog! I am very tired so i might go to bed (not to sleep because Benidorm my fav programs on at 9.00 !)


Sports day tommorw or is it ? You really wouldn't think it's July !


  1. I know, the weather is rubbish. I'm indoors doing Kraznir

  2. Let's hope the rain stays away tomorrow so sports day can go ahead.

  3. Yeah im doing my krazir now and its 7 30 i go to bed at 8 !! and Mrs M we will come back in september and the weather is really nice !